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Default Gimpy and/or Obamacrat/Leftist Fanatic & Phony Liberal,

"Long time no see" or actually reading your typically Political Supremacist & Superior One Party now TOTALLY controlling America by: "In your face", "I Won" & "We Won" vindictive & self-anointedly Morally Superior rants.

The only displays of: "Anger" on this thread as you so typically like perverting & diverting attention away from contentious issues, are as now currently repeated below.

"To anger conservatives, lie to them", Obama & Pelosi DAILY DO.

"To anger liberals, just tell them the truth", Obama/Pelosi Gang find Quite Offensively Racist.

Hell,...U.S. Congressional Queen Nancy Pelosi actually proved that very point often enough.
Not sure just how many times that same Political Goddess chastizingly proclaimed that SO MANY Americans & Senior: "Tea Party" Protesters were nothing more than; "Anti-government" & "UN-American Nazi Racists".

Whatever, Gimpy. I personally don't even have anger towards you or any such Veterans whom past & presently see nothing wrong with American Combat Troops ALSO dictatorially waltzed-around Politically-Correctly (epitome of an oxymoron),...and/or Quite Lethally Asininely. Don't want enemy Killed & Destroyed. ORDER in The Red Cross.

I actually feel sorry for You & Such: "Ignorance is Bliss" types,...even though You Duped Voters were largely responsible for getting the rest of We Americans in this quite unfortunate Chicago Marxist Dictatorial Pickle.

My Salute & "GarryOwen" to all TRUE Patriots.
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