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Wish you luck with the petition (a Great Thanksgiving Day also), Amerkinsquid.

But if 2 murdered Americans on our southern Open Border and 4 murdered Americans on American Soil in Benghazi obviously don't phase: "His Barackness" and/or The Emperor Obama,...I doubt very much that a mere 25,000 signatures on some petition will bother Dems' and mainstream press/media's adored: "Messiah", one iota.

Hell, in one big city alone Barry or Barack most likely got at least 25,000 bogus or illegal registration signatures and votes.

So then, and since Dems & Their Press obviously were quite successful at keeping likelyhood that MANY THOUSANDS (if not millions?) of Illegal Votes were cast from: "We The People", what chance do you think your petition will have?

Regardless, I wish us all luck hope the families of those murdered and all Americans are eventually TOLD THE TRUTH by ALL in America's Officialdom,...and especially from The Prez for-a-change.

My Salute & "GarryOwen" to all TRUE Patriots.
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