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Default Remington Rolling Block

There have been many folks to "Sporterize" Rolling Block actions. The action is very strong, built originally to take a .50/70 cartrige.
Most of the conversions I've seen were made from the .43 cal Spanish Contract Rolling Blocks as they do not have the collectors value of a US Martial Rolling Block. The action can be used to build just about any caliber of rifle.

What ever you do, DON'T sporterize a U.S. Marked Rolling Block.
In good condition they are worth close to $2,000.

Remington made many sporting rifles based on the #1 action (Military Musket/Rifle Action) They were made in rimfire in .22, .32, .44 and .46 cal. and in centerfire 40-50, 40-70, 44-77, 45-70, 50-45, 50-70 and other center fire calibers. Some were even barreled as shotguns.
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