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Default Remington Rolling Block #1 Military

eds...did a little research last night. Remington produced over a million of these between 1867 and 1888. In some cases Remington only supplied the actions for foreign contracts with the guns themselves being assembled overseas and in other cases the entire gun was made overseas under license from Remington. The majority however, appear to be of Remington manufacture. Barrel lengths for rifles vary from 30" to 39" and for carbines from 19" to 22". Remington Marks appear in two or three lines on the tang. Caliber markings are not normally encountered. Foreign markings may include English, Chinese, Arabic, Turkish, Spanish and many others. The gun was officially adopted by denmark as their official arm in 1867, by Norway and Sweden in 1868, by Spain in 1869, Egypt in 1870 and Argentina in 1879.
To find out what caliber you have, you will have to do a sulphur casting of the chamber and have it identified by a gunsmith.
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