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Default Alias: Warren Wilhelm, Jr.

It's no wonder why NYC is also so screwed-up lately, just like other large Democrat Ruled cities.
The following Truths should explain specifically why NYC is being politically forced into its great decline,

Early Life of Warren Wilhelm, Jr.

At age five he moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts, with his mother, Maria, a public relations manager, and his father, Warren, a veteran of World War II who had served in the Pacific theatre and lost a leg in a grenade attack. His father, after struggling with alcoholism, later committed suicide. De Blasio (then Warren Wilhelm,Jr.) graduated from New York University in 1984 and obtained a master’s degree in international and public affairs at Columbia University in 1987. (Though called Bill from an early age, he changed his name in 1983 to Warren de Blasio-Wilhelm—his mother’s family name was de Blasio—and then adopted Bill de Blasio as his legal name in 2002.)

Political Career: Campaign Manager And Councillor

De Blasio proved himself to be politically savvy early in life: as a student activist in high school and college, he advocated for student rights and protested issues as diverse as library hours and nuclear proliferation. After graduate school de Blasio served as a social relief volunteer in Nicaragua—a country then torn by a civil war between the Marxist government of the Sandinistas and counterrevolutionary forces—and returned to the United States a committed socialist. Though adopting more-centrist views (no doubt for political expediency) with time, de Blasio continued to defend left-leaning policies.

In all the above context, it all becomes clear to me why old Bill or Wilhelm does what he does.
He's still a Sandanista and/or Marxist/Socialist at heart, and oath office taken by him means diddly-squat.

My Salute & "GarryOwen" to all TRUE Patriots.
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