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There is a long way to go and many, many events to come. Obama has no chance except with Hollywood and other symbolists, n? the screechin left hand side of the DNC tent wants Hil, hung, drawn, skinned and quartered. King Teddy?s steam roller-squish machine is out of commission momentarily but not out of the runnin and only lacks an android yes-man to put to the head of the pack, same as last time. As always, King Teddy will let the high-speed barracudas do their mutual cannibalism trip take its toll, n? then let er? rip.

Events will tell the tale and anything can happen. Ha, never a dull moment and as of this AM mega Liberal SF Mayor Gavin Newsom, done been exposed screwin the hired help- wife of his front man-campaign manager.
Ay-yi,yi, big doins over yonner that, in fact, are really just more of same old-same old SF ?tradition?, but can be very influential when amplified to the national scale.

Newsom?s act of givin the finger to the Cal legislature and making his own rules up as he goes stung the Demos last Pres. election and this new bit of office desk lust n? screwin clearly identifies Newsom as the Dilbert that will always find the trip flairs n? set em off.
I suspect that Pelosi will pitch his butt into briar patch now and get a less ?liberal? Mayor taking charge of things n? things at the 8th District theater matinee.

I'd rather be a hammer than a nail, yes I would, I really would.
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