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Arrow The Good Guys In The Long Range Fight

One Marines View
The Good Guys in the long range fight
June 25, 2010 @
Throughout my last few deployments to Afg & Iraq I have seen the local military grow and proper which results a direct monitor of the progress of that country. My first deployment to Afg, there was little sign of an Afg Army. Now current time the Afghan National Army (ANA) has prospered and is recruited, trained and taught by US forces.

US Marines and Army are embedded along with the ANA to continue the teaching process however; the ANA is continuously winging off of the US advisors and continue to grow as a military force. Along with the injection of US tactics and weapons they have grown to a competitive force. Unlike many US forces, the Marine Corps welcomes the ANA with open arms, has them live among the Marines, eat with the Marines, learn with the Marines and become a part of the team (TEAMBUILDING-ONE TEAM-ONE FIGHT).

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