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Originally posted by tpad WoW!I am not hear to dispute history with anyone.I was just looking for pictures of Marine Corp uniforms of the time period.If you want to start an argument over this please start your own thread.I am only seeking uniform knowledge.The name for the phillipine war is what came from history books.You want to rename them take it up with your senator or someone with similar interest.I mean no offense but ..come on this argument is far from what I was looking for.
Ah, man can't I spew now and then ? I am not here very often but I do gotta vent --- I know that the history books call it an "Insurrection" but many Filipinos have always objected to the connotations of that word. And, not long ago that "I" word got replaced.

I know you were only looking for an image of the USMC uniform of the day.

Please pardon my Spew-a-thon.

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