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Angry Secretary Hagel's resignation

Imagine that you're an American working with the people of Afghanistan on both medical and nutritional needs. Under your shirt you wear a crucifix around your neck.
The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria a.k.a. ISAS comes into town and finds you, an American Christian, and an Infidel. You're taken into custody by them, what should you expect from your country?
The answer is, not a darn thing, put your head down on that tree stump and say your last prayer.
Americans in the Middle East can stop thinking that their home country is there for them, their freedom and their protection. There will be no Defence Department of the United States of America ready to serve them or their freedom. The last guy that thought he was doing his job serving America and the American people has now resigned. His boss didn't like his attitude. The Secretary of Defence was out-ranked. There will be no "boots on the ground" and if you don't like it, tough S*it.
Your blood can be spilled and you'll be the headline of every newspaper and the first story on every television News broadcast on the west side of the Atlantic.
With LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all
thanks to the brave who serve their Country
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