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I as a Young Private Served with a Survivor of the BATAAN DEATH MARCH!-- I was Stationed in Quincy Mass!--as An ANTI Air Craft GUNNER on 90 MM AAA Unit--& the TOP SARGENT was SARGENT BERKECH--this AAA?90 MM unit was at MERRY MOUNT PARK!--in QUINCY-- I remember Old SARG had a Brand New All BLACK MERCURY CAR!-- & right after ROLL CALL!-- HE would Pick One of US! to DRIVE IT to the MOTOR POOL--& WASH IT! OUR DUTY was ALL MILITARY!-- OLD SARG was a Real MANS MAN!- & He was ALL ARMY--a FATHER to US ALL! OH! He was TOUGH!--BUT--JUST!-- I Assume Old SARG is GONE NOW? BUT--I Thank Old SARG for the STORIES & & HE Made a Lot of Very GOOD SOLDIRES out of US KIDS! & When Any of US! Got into TROUBLE!--& YES! WE DID!--Often! OLD SARG was THERE!--LIKE a FATHER FIGURE!--& HE streighten ALL the PROBLEMS OUT!-- & HE Delt JUSTLY with ALL of US SCREW UPS! I transfered to the Air Force after a Year or SO!--Went to the Air Force & became an Electronics officer on B-52s--flew over 100 Missions out of LORING AFB--in LINESTONE, MAINE! BUT-I Never FORGOT OLD SARG! I used to CALL OLD SARG often--& It was Really FUNNY! to have HIM Call ME SIR! I KNEW HE was PROUD of ME!-- even Though HE Would Never Tell Me He WAS! My Older Brother a FULL BIRD COL-in the AIR FORCE Visited OLD SARG--While Inspecting the NG at OTIS FIELD on CAPE COD!--& thats When Old SARG said HE was PROUD of ME!-- My PERSONAL JOHN WAYNE!-- OLD TOP SARGENT BERkICH GOD BLESS CAPT JIM
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