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I too have come and gone but I always come back to this site as it has the best straight shooters I've come across.

I don't think you and I met - I'm Wayne (aka Boats) did two tours 12 years and have long ago left the service to raise a family and grow old. I do keep in touch with those I served with as they only can relate to my service.

This site to me is home as I can relate to many of the guys many who have since discharged themselves from this site to another of which don't know why. I'm moving in on 70 so you have to excuse my diction of which I tend to get a little direct. Not like HC who I admire and converse with on a regular basis. You would do well to get to know him.

My mileage is getting the best of me lately. But my issues on this web site or true and I hope meaningful to those who join us.

I welcome you back as I'm sure Dave does as well. I try my best to post articles that are meaningful to those who've served and haven't come back. They are never to be forgotten and I refuse to let them.

I thank you for your service as I do all who serve. I've got family who served all the way back to WWI. The men in our family all tend to enlist rather then be drafted of which is now not mandatory. God only knows why. The best thing one can do for his country is to at least enlist and know why we do what we do.

Country doesn't seem to mean as much as it does for family's who've given their sons and daughters in hopes that they can provide for their countries defense.

Today many have little concept of what the USA provides in the way of freedom. This word mean little to most of late. I'm torn by the attitudes of our younger generation as they have little knowledge of how much blood has been shed so they can live in a country that is much better than they could ever relate to.

Serving this country is the very least one can do. Hearts and minds have drifted away from serving on the volunteer basis. The draft is gone so our service suffers from teaching the ideals the service offers.

I believe the draft was the best thing we had to take an unguided individual and give him/her a path by which they could attain skills, knowledge, and basically to change their street knowledge into something more productive. I took this punk from the streets and reorganized him from the streets to someone with a purpose and that meant everything to me once I was discharged.

I'm a better person - a better American and more than that I'm an American and I know why. Many don't!

People (especially Veterans) are they only folks I can relate to. They understand the loss the hurt and the pain that it takes to sustain an individual. Civvies don't know. They are judging us by the news media who stirs the pot to make soldier's take the blame for the issues currently in the news.

I take exception - I honor all who've served. I thank them for their service and I welcome them home each an ever time. Today and tonight I've had few beers but not tired I decided to give you my welcome home and I thank you for your service.

But we aren't done. There are many who didn't come home and their are many who were injured and the battle wounded. I go to the VA each year for medical exams and I see the wounded - many whose scars are ever present. They need our support - they need to know we are their for them! Don't every forget those who've given so much. You and I came back in one piece many didn't and many are scared for life. Respect them - thank them and understand them. Support them do what we can for them. Don't pity them they don't want that - respect their issues understand that they need us as much as we needed them at that moment.

My family all served - none were drafted when the time came we all volunteered. All the way back to my Grand-Father WWI. Each Uncle's - My Dad and my Brother God bless them all - they are all gone and I will be damned if I standby and forget their sacrifices.

I had all girls - all married but I have a grandson who wants to be Marine. God Bless him his Mother is pissed but I can understand that. I've taught my grand kids since they were little. I took them on Veterans Day to the Memorial each year told them about their relatives who served - my friends who gave their lives and why its so important to me to show respect for them each years. For 18 years they've go with me to the memorial services on Veterans Day. We talk about the relatives who served and the wars they were in. How can you deny such honors to be given to our relatives who stood and fought for those who couldn't protect their own. Only a military person can relate to these issues. Teach your kids and they will always know your feelings about God and Country this is and should be the American Rule.

O Almighty Lord God, who neither slumberest nor sleepest; Protect and assist, we beseech thee, all those who at home or abroad, by land, by sea, or in the air, are serving this country, that they, being armed with thy defence, may be preserved evermore in all perils; and being filled with wisdom and girded with strength, may do their duty to thy honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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