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There is no question money talks...

There is another category former POW's have been unjustly denied recognition: Their combat service. Particularly those participated in the Battle of the Bulge, Bataan, and Corregidor.

Many with a variety of MOS’s picked up their weapons, formed or joined existing infantry units. Many were killed or wounded while serving as infantrymen. In the Philippine Islands, the majority were taken prisoner.

Upon repatriation, a substantial number were processed at stations, and received their awards and decorations. There are two commonly fell by the wayside. The Purple Heart, and Combat Infantryman Badge (CIB).

As recent as 2003, a member of the First Provisional Air Corps Regiment, II Corps that fought in the Battle of Bataan was presented the CIB. As recent as 2008, a former member of the AAF that was wounded (frostbite) during captivity at (ETO) was posthumously awarded the Purple Heart by the Air Force Board for Correction of Military Record.

The USAF took jurisdiction of AAF personnel regarding awards, and decorations in 1948. Exception: Badges i.e. CIB. The Army retains the authority to award the CIB.

Copies of documents reveal hundreds of combat infantrymen without the MOS of an infantryman were awarded the CIB in accordance with guidelines dated during the early 1940’s.

Copies of documents reveal former POWs were awarded the Purple Heart for wounds (frostbite) incurred during captivity.

Yet today, the Army continues to deny the Purple Heart to Army personnel that incurred wounds (frostbite) during captivity. According to guidelines, USAF, and a former JAG Colonel they are eligible.

The Army continues to deny the CIB to former combat infantryman in the class identified above. Their justification refers to guidelines not applicable to veterans of the Philippines.

Where is the justice for their contribution towards the freedom we enjoy today?>>

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