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Have you every seen commercials for this company.
Home service contractors reviewed and rated by homeowners , I guess that have used the contractors service.

Ist one I saw is where this plumber was called by a homeowner who say she would be late, and the plumber stayed with the ladies dog, She said he sacrificed his time. and this was the only plumber she would ever use.
People in business don't sacrifice time, They loose money.
She didn't ask him to stay, he should have left and went to his next job that he is late for, If he stayed she should have paid him or at least offered to pay him.

The next one was about painters, The guy said these painters finished on time and on budget but were not true professionals because one of the painters stepped in some paint and left.
I think on time and on budget is kind of important , wouldn't you think.

This Angies list company sounds like they want the contractors to give more then there being paid to do or there not professional.

There should be a contractors list, stating that in this hose hold lives a lady that is irresponsible to her pet and expects the contractor to take the responsibility that she lacks.

and In this house is a guy that even if the job is done on time and on budget he is still not satisfied.

What a stupid company Angies list.

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