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Default Working on the Nimitz

the Nimitz freeway in Oakland was an ugly old thing, Nimitz hated how it looked but they named it after him anyway, berkeley's Prmier citizen ever, in my book. he used to come to pass out Eagle Scout Awards in our Area, once in uniform, very impressive--I wish I knew then what i know about him now, I'd have spent the whole evening on his lap[ asking him questions, a real unsung archtect of naval victory in the Pacific.
the Nimitz freeway where it came off 580 was 3 stories high, solid comcrete, built in the late 40s. I worked graveyard at an all night Chevron Station, first out of the Army while in College, right where Peralta Street and West Grand went right under it.
This is definte Indian Country and the lrrpster carried armaments and was not shy about letting the butt stick out. I had some intersting experiences with some of the local denizens, usta keep a pot of coffee for the pollce if they got lost and came down there.
it was right by the Nimitz and boy you'd look at that thing and think it was as solid as the Pyramids--and that thing came crashing down like pack of cards--I mean it--it was AWESOME, like a giant had smashed it--do tornados do that mmuch damage to freeways? I saw it the next day and WOW--pictures didn't do it justice. SF's Embarcadero Fwy was an exact copy and they took it down even tho it wasn't damaged. theyre also replacing the east end of the Bay Bridge that fell down-boy is that a politiclaly correct football or what.
CA is wellknown for its swoopydoopy freeway over passes, some of em 5, 6 layers high but they think they have the better handle on em every time. The freeway they replaced the Nimitz with is high, maybe 100' or more, , three lanes sitting on single columns--they say the fexibility will hold but I'd hate to be on the SOB the next 7.6er to find out


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