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Prayers went up and His answer came down and I'm sure that Curtis is looking down on us today. I lost my brother, Ted in 1991. Major Mark Theodore Romph served, Airborn Special Forces on both Baldy and Skeleton Mountains in the Democratic Republic of South Vietnam in '68-'69. Gee! I wonder why they called them Baldy and Skeleton, there wasn't anything growing on them.
I came home from DRVN in '68 on a stretcher to Valley Forge Army Hospital in order to learn how to walk again. It was a Blessing that I didn't have to come through civilian airports in '68 because of how uniforms were greeted at those airports in 1968.
My brother Sgt. E-8 Robert Thomas Romph, USAF died last year. Tommy never went beyond Hawaii during the Vietnam thing but he both loaded orange barrels into C-141's and cleaned those planes after they had dumped their loads out over Vietnam.
Both Teddy and Tommy took over two years to pass after long and grooling fights against Agent Orange.
AO cleared many a hiding place that VC and NVA hid in and I'm convinced that AO saved more lives than it took then but I sure would love to see Uncle Sam put more buck$ into finding something that would counteract its effects against Vietnam Vets today. Every time I need go to the Atlanta VA today I see AO Vets of my age walking in the halls, just waiting to go Upstairs because they served their time in Hell.
Why aren't those names or won't those names be carved in stone on a Wall in DC?
With LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all
thanks to the brave who serve their Country
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