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Default Light Tank Mk.VI Type B Vickers

Light Tank Mk.VI Type B Vickers

Country :Great Britain
Role :Light Tank
In-Service Date :July 1936
Manufacturer :Vickers Ltd.
Number Produced :874
Crew :3
Rado :No. 7
Road Speed :56 Kilometers per Hour
Rough Speed :40 Kilometers per Hour
Road Range:209 Kilometers
Off-Road Range:Unknown Kilometers
Engine Name:Meadows ESTB Type B
Coolant :
Horsepower :
Power / Weight Ratio :hp per tonne
Transmission :Wilson Pre-Selector Gearbox
Gears :5 Forward / 1 Reverse
Suspenion :Horstmann Coil-Spring
Fuel Type :Gasoline
Fuel Capacity:61.5 Liters
Road Consumption:0.29 Liters per Kilometer
Off-Road Consumption:Unknown Liters per Kilometer
Length :4.01 meters
Height :2.26 meters
Width :2.08 meters
Weight :5080 kilograms
Ground Clearance :Unknown centimeters
Ground Pressure :Unknown kg/cm
Track Links :Unknown per track
Track Width :24.1 centimeters
Track Ground Contact :Unknown centimeters
Gradiant :Unknown
Vertical Obsticle :Unknown meters
Fording Depth :0.61 meters
Trench Crossing :Unknown meters
Turning Radius :6.4 meters
Main Gun :12.7mm Vickers
Gunsight :Unknown
Traverse :360 (Hand)
Elevation :+37 / -10
Main Gun Ammo :400
Secondary Weapons :1x 7.7mm Vickers (Coaxial - 2500 rounds)
Hull Front (Upper) :16mm
Hull Front (Lower) :14mm
Hull Sides (Upper) :13mm
Hull Sides (Lower) :13mm
Hull Rear :6mm
Hull Top :4mm
Hull Bottom :3mm
Turret Front :14mm
Turret Mantlet :None
Turret Sides :14mm
Turret Rear :11mm
Turret Top :3.5mm

Penetration Data for the 12.7mm Vickers

(All data is displayed vs. RHA / FHA plate @ 30)
AP W.Mk.I ( Armor Piercing )
WeightVelocity100 m500 m1000 m1500 m2000 m
0.038 kg785 m/s15 / 9 mm38965 mm38809 mm38749 mm36526 mm
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