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Default Guess it depends...

...on what some folks consider "Division Size"...?

On my second and third trips to that scenic wonderland (Sgt in E/2/4 in '66-'67 & 2ndLt in 3dForReconCo in '69-'70), I seem to remember "large" USMC LogSpt agencies...probably the precursors to what later became the Force Service Support Group (FSSG ) and now the Marine Logistics Groups (MLG).

I think the main one may have been called the Force Logistics Command (referred to as FLC or "Flick") and other smaller (yet quite robust) outfits were called Force Logistics Support Units "A" & "B"...referred to as FLSU or "Floosie" ALPHA & "BRAVO"...least that's what keeps coming to mind.

They were probably service support assets of III Marine Amphibous Force (III MEF)...originating from the early Force Troops FMF concept.

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