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Thumbs up Alice's Restaurant - make sure your sound is on

Song: Alice's Restaurant - By Arlo Guthrie (~ 18 min. long)

If you've never heard this one - its time - to! Put your sound on - its a must!
Hit this link: Re:
I listened to it the other day - you just have to hear it once - and then move it to one
of your Bud's - it will make him or her chuckle for sure.
I wonder how many of you will actually listen to entire song - It begins to work on
your mind - and it's so repetitive it makes you wonder when it will ever end!
I'm still laughing! Move it on to one your friends - and dare them to listen
to entire song to the end! ha ha -
I seen two hits and they didn't stay on it long - oh well - ya gotta be sick to
listen to whole thing! But if your grinning or smiling - and that's good!

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