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Default Incoming mail...

...Yes I got a letter from "OLIVE", and he is just sooooooooo happy...

...actually says he doing we'll, wanted to thank me for thinking of him, and his fellow troops,ahahahahahahahaha... his letter on the 10th, and wanted to fire him off a second one in order to absolve him of "everyone one thinks someone wrote a mean letter to the DI about me, but I know better"...

...he says "my drill sargent got your letter. He calls me "olive" as a result, I had no clue what you wrote, but I had to demonstrate a ""special push up"" so the whole platoon could do it...

...It was named "olive's push up" by the whole platoon...

...He's taking it in stride, and the second letter I wrote him a short note "absovling him" of this treacherous deed, I take full credit for being able to help them advance the conditioning...


?.Great to hear from you, was wondering how long it would be, and was hoping that all was going well for you, wink, wink?

?I know you are enjoying basic as it is a terrific experience for ?all? of you, and I feel that I must take credit for ?strengthening? your character in a way that you?ll remember forever...

?think of it as reaching out, and touching one from a far.

?I take full credit.

? I know you know better?, and wishing all of you guys the best, and don?t worry, what you?re learning now is the most important lessons you? learn in life?

sorry to be so brief,? will write later,? just clearing things up for you?wink, wink?

your letter was dated the 7th, // received on the 10th?

?keep up the good work, and don?t sweat the heat, ?Gotcha?.


Sincerely, hahahahahah, Curtis????.

....I know he's well, and he thanks all of us, and he should have my second letter to show his buddy's, and they will have a memory to share the rest of their lives...

..."I know he loves me...
"Let me tell you a story"
..."Have I got a story for you!"

Tom "ANDY" Andrzejczyk

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