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Originally posted by MARINEVET Boats:

The number of U.S. killed in Iraq is now over 3,000...3,000 too many, of course, but when considering how long we've been at this, and the numbers from Vietnam for the same amount of time, there's no comparison...other than...the manner in which our Nation continues to soften in the face of adversity! Folks better get a handle on "stuff" pretty soon or there's gonna be hell to pay right back home in "River City"...! Guess folks just figger IF they refuse to admit to/recognize the great danger at hand, it'll go away! WRONG ANSWER SPORT FANS...just can't tell you enough how terrible these Forces of Evil are...gotta see it to believe it!

As for all the media hype...lot of it is just that...continuing to report only the bad (just as the Administration tries to massage it the other way)...truth lies somewhere in the middle.

I'm in contact with folks in Iraq, and where they are, they're kicking the crap outta the bad guys...locals are reporting the bad guys whereabouts...some locals actually killing the (foreign) bad guys...etc. Wish I could be more definitive, but can't give outfit designations, etc. Outfits are Marine with Soldiers attached...all kickin' butt!

Beau:, you, Boats and others...mannnnnnn what an outfit that'd be...! :cl: You can bring your cameras, doodle supplies AND .45...!

Thanks again folks...your comments/concerns really mean a lot.

Semper Fi from the Cold Sands of Kandahar,

couple of tings Colonel ... I understand the new and improved ? Defense Secretary visited Afghan ... maybe he visited a different spot than where you are but have yah got shareable info ?

re: "kickin' butte" ... you know they dont report that on corporate news here (Fox, CNN etc, Geraldo and the like ) ... would that smack too much of Nam "body counts" if they did ? I remember on corporate news way back a year or so ago, Geraldo was in either in Iraq or Afghan (reporting) and he apparently saw some troops and he says something like "there's the 82nd Airborne, I 'served with them' in ...." Yah "served with them" ... Musta been feeling boogied out of Nam service guilt ... "served"

when I pack my camera, doodle supplies and .45 ... I'll take the cooler climate and not the flat, hot desert (cant stand anything over 105 degrees) and not a full year tour ... couple months of real photo and drafts of doodles, then I could finish the work at home ??? Do you have to wait in long lines to be Admin processed, or as a non - military/govt type, is the process quicker ? Me no like long waiting lines and hanging around doing nothing but waiting ... (the internal thoughts would be like "hurry up you sonofa Bit, lets get the show on the road).

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