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Thumbs up Stacy L. Pearsall, Combat Photographer

Hi All

Just returned from the national sales meeting for Manfrotto Distributing, formally know as Bogen Imaging. We are the distributors for many photographic product lines including Manfrotto tripods, Gitzo, KATA bags, plus many more.

At this meeting we have as guest speakers someone from the photographic world. This is year was a very special treat.

One of our speakers this year was retired AF Staff Sergeant Stacey L. Pearsall. Stacy was a “Combat Photographer” serving 3 tours in Iraq. Her images were stirring and emotional (sand storm type) I know it was extremely hard for me to hold back the tears as I watched her presentation.

Below I have her links and hope you will visit these sites.

In closing this many years ago I had an associate in the industry that was a combat Photographer in Vietnam. The last I heard he was in and out of VA hospitals with Post Dramatic Syndrome.

Can you imagine what the “mind’s eye” sees when documenting war through the lens of a camera!

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