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More on the capture of Saddam Hussein ...

Leaders' reaction:

Text of President Bush's remarks

Text of L. Paul Bremer's news conference

Stripes' coverage:

Troops in Iraq happy, but see more hard work ahead

In Germany, Saddam's capture sparks hopes for loved ones' return

CENTCOM officials celebrate cautiously

Knight-Ridder coverage:

U.S. soldiers were about to give up search when they found Saddam

No decisions yet made over how to bring Saddam to justice

Iraqis call for domestic Saddam trial but U.S. unclear on venue

Top priority is finding out what Saddam knows about attacks

At capture, Saddam didn't live up to fierce image

U.S. forces will continue tough fight with Iraqi insurgents

Two leading Muslim clerics in Michigan see God's hand in capture

Many in Iraq relieved, some frown at Saddam's capture

Arrest marks end of disastrous year for Saddam

Tony Blair rushed to announce Saddam's capture

Video of Saddam after capture fascinating, humiliating

Saddam's return to the familiar meant his downfall

4th Infantry, which captured Saddam, packs biggest punch

Saddam's capture may not end attacks on U.S. troops

Disenfranchised Sunnis may lash out at U.S. after Saddam's arrest

Saddam's 24-year regime driven by thirst for power

Saddam used fear, reputation for ruthlessness to rule Iraq

With No. 1 captured, U.S. forces pursue Iraq's other 'most wanted'

Saddam's capture settles family score for Bush

Democrats react to Saddam's capture

Experts doubt effect of Saddam capture on al-Qaida morale

Saddam an important symbol in the Arab world

Saddam's arrest expected, discouraging to many in Arab world

Analysis: Saddam capture will boost U.S. troops' morale, push Iraqis closer to independence

Analysis: Capture of Saddam underscores U.S. role in world order

Analysis: Bush's chances of re-election improve with Saddam's

Analysis: Saddam's capture a boost for Bush


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