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Default 7.7cm Feldkanone 96 a.A.

The German 7.7cm Feldkanone C/96 represents the last generation of field guns with a rigid mount, without a modern recoil system. Techniques for reducing the recoil was being researched on in Germany, but the conservative establishment had declined using it. Instead they opted for the 7.7cm Feldkanone C/96 made by Krupp (which in effect was nothing more than a modestly modernized version of the old C/73). The FK 96 used smokeless powder in a metal cartridge case, and, in the separately loaded shell with copper driving band, a high explosive filling of picric acid. It had no armour shield.

Ironically enough, the same year that this gun, the C/96 was introduced to the German Artillery troops, the French produced their revolutionary "75", which over-night made the C/96 completely obsolete, in all respects, not least when it came to rate-of-fire, accuracy, range and protection.

Most FK 96 were converted in 1904, and made into 7.7cm FK 96 neuer/Art ("new Type"). A number were left unchanged and were henceforth named FK 96 alter/Art ("old Type").

The gun below can be seen in the Technical Museum of the Bundeswehr in Koblenz:

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