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Default Did they teach you that in school?

Did you know that President Elect Abriham Lincoln spent the time between his election and his inauguration learning Morse code and that after taking office he had a teletype installed beside what was to be his bed in the White House?
Did you know that President Abriham Lincoln was possibly the first President to have taken on the office of true Comander and Chief?
You see that Lincoln realized that there would be a conflict between the southern and northern states when it came to him declaring that “All men are created equil” and that the Negro was also a man and therefore had rites guaranteed under the Constitution.
A few years ago I found that my Great Grandfather was an indentured servant who was bought to America from Germany by a farmer/plantation owner in Georgia and when he arrived at the Charlestown, South Carolina harbor was immediately drafted into the German Fusilier Regement of the Carolina Infantry.
Did you know that there were people in Africa that lined the streets of ports in that continent waiting to be “sold” to people in America so that they could come here and have their room and board taken care of for their labor in the fields of those that paid for their journey to America, people that took care of them since if they were ill they would not be able to work in the fields.
Did you know that after the South declared that the States had rights of their own and therefore had the right to run their plantations however it was that they could harvest the fields of those plantations of those States and therefore sell their harvest to all of America and even export what wasn’t sold here?
Did you know that the Federal forces excelled in their infantry and in their cavellry since they could be sent anywhere in America on the rails of Railroad companys headquartered in the northern States or the government of America would come down hard against those companies regulating them. Artillary was also shipped on those rail lines and therefore the Federals could move quickly where ever needed and wherever their Commander ordered them to go.
Did you know that the one shortfall of the Federals was Logistics? You see if the “Yankees” needed food they were to take it from wherever they were at the time and the same was true about horses, wagons, and construction needs to move those forces. Did you know how brutal the Federals could be and were in the concouring of the Southern States?
I was born in New York and before leaving high school also lived in Illinois and Ohio and never once was I told that the people of the south were beaten with brutal, I mean BRUTAL force. Seventeen years ago we were transferred to Atlanta from Ohio and we live just twenty miles south of Atlanta about one mile north of Georgia Route 54. If you drive the 21 miles between Newnan and Jonesboro Georgia you drive across Ga.34/54. Ga. 34/54/ passes through the Georgia forrest and the city of Fayetteville. In Fayetteville there was a wagon train of war refugees running from the oncoming Federals but they overtook them and took the wagons, horses and food from those refugees, killing most of them. Just outside of Newnan the Yankees past a house that they found evidence of a confederate soldier and since the 11 year old boy in that house didn’t know where his father was, the Yankees killed the boy. Did they teach you that in school?
Georgia 54 crosses what today is known as Peachtree Lake and in order to cross what was then known as Shakrag Lake the Yankees needed to build bridges. They tore down homes for the construction material for that bridge. They did the same when they crossed the Flint River and Line Creek. They midnight requisitioned their needs and 35,000 Federals crossed over 20 miles of dense Georgia forest between the two feeder railroad tracks of Atlantas industries in just three daysby either stealing from or destroying everything in the path. Did they teach you that in school?
Labor? Labor was cheap. All the Yankees had to do for labor was to take a plantation and force the slaves of that plantation to work for them. And the Yankees weren’t nice in how they forced those slaves to work for them. The Yankees had the guns.
Coming up on the town of Jonesboro where the Macon and Western Railline had a terminal which was the last terminal before Atlanta, the Yankees came upon what is today the junction of Tara Blvd. and Fayetteville Rd. about a mile from that terminal and fired a single shot from one of their cannons. The round from that cannon hit a single railroad car at the terminal and that car contained nothing but ammunition for the Confederate forces of Atlanta. The car exploded and killed the majority of those lost in the “Battle of Jonesboro.” Did they teach you that in school?
When the Federals arrived at the terminal and after a short battle with the remaining Confederate defenders, one of them went to the telegraph of that terminal and got on that telegraph pecking away to his Commander and Chief “Atlanta has fallen.” Did they teach you that in school?
Today we live just a mile north of Georgia Rt. 54 and a mile west of Fayetteville. You know the Fayetteville where the Holiday, Dorsey, Fief House Museum is where Doc Holiday once lived in and the Fayetteville that was written about in “Gone With the Wind” and it’s not too hard to realize anymore that only one side is taught in school today. You know the winning teams side that the story comes from.
With LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all
thanks to the brave who serve their Country
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