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Default Solid Copy Scout...

...low a profile as my beat up ol' bod will allow...thanks Brice!

As for SITREPs...wish I could share more but you know the deal. In that regard, and I know I'm jinxing the issue, but it's been real quiet the last few days around here. All y'all know what I mean...just a little TOO quiet so I'm wonderin' what's up? It is their Eid Holiday, so that does have some effect, but it's kinda eerie...!

I was thinkin' this morning, while out on Camp Shir Zai, walking to the Head (Latrine) trailer...wrapped in my Gortex parka...right at 30 degrees out...thinkin' I am...cold as hell...and makin' the same walk that three months ago woulda found the morning temp at about 100...and by 1300...about 130+ in the shade...not a lotta places in the world that have that sort of annual temp ranges...100+ degrees! May get down into the hi 20s tonite. Lot worse up in the mountains, tho, and even up the road in Kabul, it's usually 15 degrees or so cooler/colder. Just a little trivia some might find interesting.

Semper Fi to all from the Cooooold Sands of Kandahar,

El Lobo Viejo Griz de Kandahar
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