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Default Korea Hawks flappin'

From THE WEEK magazine, August 15th, 2003

"We should talk, but let's face facts, said former CIA director James Woolsey and retired general Thomas McInerney in the WALL STREET JOURNAL. War may be the only means to disarm Kim. He's broken numerous agreements in the past, and any deal that leaves him in power will only postpone the nuclear threat. With South Korea's help, the U.S. is fully capable of mounting a massive airstrike and invasion that would defeat Kim in 30 to 60 days. It's unfortunate that 'we are forced now to confront this choice. But we should not take refuge in denial.' "

- War is the ONLY means?
- Are we gonna be after KIM or nuclear threat (SADDAM or wmd)?
- Why would we NEED South Korea's help?
- We are FULLY capable of mounting?
- Massive airstrike probably, but another INVASION?!
- Defeat KIM in about 30 minutes, but what about the North Korean Army, Air Force and Navy?
- Defeat their military in "30 to 60 days"? Not sounding good, vaguely reminiscent of a war in Iraq recently.
- "Unfortunate"? I always start watching the american pocketboook and family tree when former government/military people start using that word.
- Who, exactly, IS in "denial" here?

It is extremely disturbing, to me, when partisans of the American Enterprise Institute and Project for the New American Century start flappin' their hawky wings like this.

Kinda makes me wanna believe that the fix is already in.

Are we pretty soon gonna need to reinstitute the Draft?

Here's a diplomatic alternative:


Give peace a chance here...

It does no good to claim that we americans desire peace, but prepare for war... when what we mostly do is desire war, and do little preparing for peace.


Missouri State Coordinator
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