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Default Büssig A5P Armoured Car

During the early months of WW1, most of the opponents of the German Army fielded Armoured Cars, and the OHL, reluctantly impressed, ordered the construction of similar vehicles. The order was given in a sort of competition to the three firms of Daimler, Ehrhardt and Büssig. The vehicle constructed by Büssig in 1915, the A5P, was quite a behemoth, some 9.5 meters long, and weighing 10.2 tons, but only equipped with a 6-cylinder motor, giving it a top speed of 35 km/h. It was equipped with 3 MG:s and manned by a crew of no less than nine. As the Ehrhradt was found to be superior no more than this single copy was built, but it was used on the Eastern Front, by the Panzerkraftwagen-MG-Zug 1, for example in Romania in 1916, and in the Ukraine in 1918.

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