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Old 01-25-2005, 05:54 PM
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Default Female Cammies Available

Female Cammies Available
Submitted by: Marine Corps Systems Command
Story Identification #: 2005124135011
Story by Ms. Shakinta M. Johnston

QUANTICO, Va (Jan 24, 2005) -- Female Marines will now have the option to procure specific female sized combat utility uniforms designed to improve fit and function for them if they are dissatisfied with the fit of the current uniform. Beginning the week of Jan. 24, 2005, all clothing sales stores will begin stocking six new cammie blouse and seven new trouser sizes that specifically accommodate most female Marines in areas where fit and function issues are most frequently found.

The female cammie sizes should be found in the clothing sales stores where other female clothing items are located, space permitting. Female Marines who are satisfied with the fit of their cammies have nothing to fear. The female sizes are additional sizes and will not change the availability or design of current unisex sizes.

Fit and wear testing with female Marines found the new cammie sizing eliminate the common fit problems outlined in the illustration. Female cammie benefits are achieved by adjusting the garments to female proportions that basically remove extra material where it is not needed in the current sizes and adding it where needed.

GySgt. Angelique Downs, Quantico, appreciates the impact that sizing adjustments have on uniform performance.

?The changes in sizes and eliminating the excess material seemed to result in more effective field, PT, and everyday work performance,? says Downs. ?There was no getting ?around? the extra fabric in the crotch and back. The focus was on the job performance and not simply dealing with bulky excess.?

Downs is not the only Marine who welcomed improvements brought by the female cammies. Cpl Mary Simmons, Quantico, was one of several female Marines who participated in a fit/wear test. Before trying the female cammies, Simmons found her unisex cammies were ?too large for her? and sizing was very difficult. With the female cammies, she reported utilities that made her ?look like a Marine and not a kid playing dress up?.

?I would definitely buy a set of female sized cammies if made available,? says Simmons. ?They are great!?

Simmons is one of ninety percent (90%) of the test females who preferred the improved comfort, ease of movement, and more professional appearance afforded by the female sized cammies while providing identical uniform features. To avoid confusion between the female sized cammies and the current unisex sizes, females will need to get used to the new size designation.


Different size labeling was adopted for the female cammies and will always begin with a number followed by length abbreviation. New sizes for female cammie blouses are 32 XS, 32 S, 35 XS, 35 S, 35 R and 39 S. New sizes for female cammie trousers are 24 XS, 24 S, 28 XS, 28 S, 28 R, 32 XS, and 32 S.

In the new female uniform sizing, the number replaces the current Xsmall (XS), Small (S), and Medium (M) size label where the number represents the midpoint of the range of body measurements that the garment size will fit for chest or waist circumference. The letter that follows the number is the same length designation of Xshort (-XS), Short (-S), and Regular (-R) found in the current sizing.

To help female Marines get started with identifying the new size female item, a uniform size conversion table was developed to provide guidance. Female Marines should look at the table below to see where there is an alternative female size next to the current unisex size. If females know their body measurements, they can also look at the top of the care label inside the garment to select a size where their measurements fall within the dimension range printed for size prediction.

The old adage of ?If the shoe fits?? applies perfectly here. Female Marines must try the cammies on to determine the best fitting new size alternative and then choose their preference for the new female size garments or stay with the current size in whole or part. It is okay to mix and match garment sizes. During testing, the best fit for some females consisted of a mix of female size and current size among the two cammie garments, such as female size blouse and current unisex trouser or vice versa. The purpose of the new cammie sizes is to achieve better fit for improved comfort and ease of movement for females that is comparable to the fit males experience with the current cammies.

Female cammies aren't the only impending improvements. Female sized boots will be added in Spring 2005. Approximately 28 sizes (4-11) are being added in the Hot Weather, Infantry Combat, and Steel Toe boots. More information about female boots will be reported as availability of items at store approaches.

If you have questions on the female sized items, contact one of the following:
Email cammie inquiries to Email female boot inquiries to

Female Marines are finally being given the opportunity to be issued and buy combat uniforms and footwear that better accommodate female proportions after years of having to fit into men?s clothing. This issue is not new but an implementation of successful development that was initiated after the September 2002 female uniform symposium, which directed improved fit of critical items for our female Marines to be fit to fight.

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