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Old 01-13-2003, 08:20 AM
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Exclamation Glass Houses

Many people who live in international glass houses ignore the old adage about throwing stones. As a matter of fact, in many a political circle throwing stones in a direction far removed from your own house is a tactic designed to keep the heat and attention off of your own shortcomings.

A new twist to the art of stone throwing, however, has been devised within some areas of the Middle East. It seems, according to the media, that mere children are being positioned on the front lines of violent demonstrations to throw stones, while safely behind them in hiding, gun-wielding terrorists lurk waiting for a shot of opportunity. I suppose that the rationale is that the military of a nation will not fire upon kids armed with but rocks, affording for the cringing gunmen a human shield comprised of their own children?

Of course, this hasn?t always worked, but do those who resort to this cowardly endeavor care - Hell no!? They merely play the old ?No Lose Card?, and if these stone-tossing kids do become, casualties, they turn this too to their advantage, calling the military so involved - Child Killers!!

But let?s get back to those who do willingly martyr their own futures (their kids)! Do they do this to further their own causes at any cost, or are they genuine cowards who need to hide behind any advantage that they can muster?

Kids are often easily directed, brainwashed and controlled, and this in itself should be considered a sacred trust, and not some perverted edge. And what kind of a nation or individual would (or could) place a child in harm?s way, and then hide behind him to insure their own safety as was done recently in the Middle East? Is this not a Kamikaze mentality of sorts, and is any agenda so precious as to utilize even the lives of the innocent to hide one?s shame behind!

?How can anyone or anything do such a dastardly thing and still profess a belief in a God or even claim a vestige of humanity!??

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Old 01-13-2003, 10:56 AM
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Default Good Points & Questions...HARDCORE.

Regardless, I'm sorry that I don't have any answers.
Sorrier still, is that apparently non in authority and/or calling-the-shots here in America have the answers either.

And besides, when fighting a vicious, fanatical and pathologically-merciless enemy, how could a nation where political-correctness and fairness are paramount above all else,...ever TRULY resolve anything? Being more so concerned about hurting the enemy's feelings (the enemy's friends feelings inclusive also) and causing any possible enemy: "Collateral Damage", rather than loss of American Lives (past, present and future),...isn't very reassuring either.

Then too, there's that good old standard of politically micro-managing even lethal warfare, after politics itself has already proven to be a total failure and very reason for going to war in the first. Will politicians and/or Civilian Warlords never realize such? TOTAL FAILURES at negotiating and diplomacy now want to try their hand AT WARFARE? Get real,...all you civilian lawyers and/or REMF's feebly attempting to micro-manage warfare in every detail.

Hey Old Friend, who-the-hell knows? Maybe by some miracle, it will be realized that only generals know how to win wars and achieve TOTAL VICTORIES & TOTALLY RESOLVE ANY CONFLICTS.
Politicians, much like with domestic matters only start problems, by pitting one segment against the other to achieve power and control, while never TRULY resolving anything and making problems fester indefinitely (the norm).

Also, only fools, zealots or politicos would dare handcuff their very own military and place them at a deadly disadvantage with Politically-correct Rules of Engagement,...when our enemies NEVER ASININELY DO SO. Are WE just plain nuts?
Sure, such makes for good: "JAG" Shows. But, so what?

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Old 01-13-2003, 01:33 PM
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Recon et al -

Hell, if we keep running our mouths with logic and truth, we may soon find ourselves persona non grata at the next presidential/congressional banquet.

Aw shucks, and I just pressed my tuxedo too - formal attire here in the mountains being an old pair of sweats and a ragged pair of sneakers!

Hell, sometimes we even bathe before we get all duded-up!!!! Ah yes, a rose by any other name!!!!
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