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Old 11-03-2004, 10:10 AM
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Default Spraying CLP is Dangerous! Simple Green!

Unless there is some demonstrated blatant disregard for known safety hazards ... what's the problem?

Reply: I think Simple Green warnings fall into that category
Note how they call 2-butoxyethanol by their trade name ...
and then say it is non toxic and biodegradable

Besides the diluted use, which is non-toxic per their MSDS
They give full strength use as also non-toxic and safe for health. in this size container that is available for public purchase today
That is negligent failure to warn!

For sure they should warn against misting it!

Paint companies do the same?

This man had a bad experience

Isn't there a lot of Simple Green used in companies and in the military, therefore?

Sure, any product that is poison of < 6% 2-butoxyethanol, by adding 30 parts water, can claim "non-toxic!"
So to be 'non toxic' you can only put one 2 oz capful in a gallon of water!

Said a hospital chaplain, "I've used Simple Green for years; but I've noticed in the last couple of years that I have eyes watering and respiratory concerns"

Dee and Randy... could they have been harmed by Simple Green?

Let's check the prison population who do a lot of cleaning with Simple Green!
Only check them for the RIGHT things

Besides NO ENERGY and continual ANGER outbursts ... what else does ethylene glycol monobutyl ether do?
Can't use CLP, then, because for repetitive use, wear goggles and chemical retardant gloves is what the instructions say. Get something else!

Disclosure is blatantly lacking here. AND one seasoned auto painter told a young man who wanted to spray paint his car ... 'be very careful: worst exposure to the paint is getting the vapors in your eyes; and also at the cuticle area of one's hands'

Chad of Indiana would love to have his life back. He was a Marine in the 1990 era who was deployed from Germany as an MP to Saudi ... instant combat soldier. I spoke to him last year; since he has become more silent, and said the VA found he had bone marrow and liver problems showing up.

He is 33 and would love to see his sons raised.

He had 'defatted' skin on his upper thighs. "Chad," I said, "did you ever set anything on your lap that could have spilled?" He said that when he was cleaning his weapon, he would set the cleaning rag on his lap. There were no tables to work on, and there was sand all around ... so he set the cleaning rag on his lap.

"That's it," I said, "Someone in the military told me that the troops clean their weapons every day with a compound that contains 2-butoxyethanol." But, as you will note, it isn't disclosed in CLP which has been used in the military since the 1970's at the very least" By now, maybe even other products that are stronger, as Brian's brother told me. (Special Forces - Afghanistan)

More from Chad AND
Here is a photo of Chad of Indiana, and his 2 boys

Chad says he doesn't smile because his teeth are falling out.

I had a Viet Nam era vet (3 times deployed as a Seal) share that he has that kind of skin on his lower back where he used to tuck his gun ... under his belt in the back.

I call this 2-butoxyethanol chemical the 'tornado chemcial'
It comes and goes quickly, but oh, the devastation to the human being.
Research does show that it causes leukemias and lymphomas; it causes hemolytic anemia (& that's the fatigue the doctors don't find in CFS, CFIDS)
and quite frankly, I think the chemical companies have kept it's harm from scrutiny for a LONG time. Don't you always hear ... maybe even think yourself ... "Oh, it could have been caused from anything"

I would not recommend putting these chemicals in the oceans for oil spill cleanup, either, by the way.

Who cares? .... Point is ....

Probably the fatherless (or the motherless) and our society which is loosing too much of their human resource to an unnecessary chemical exposure. Clean with something else!

Please realize that I first learned about 2-butoxyethanol as it was in the experimental cleanup chemicals[ being tried during the Exxon Valdez oil spill. As I look at it now, I believe that if anyone cared what happened to these workers, there never would have been a 'gulf war syndrome' as our worst chemical concoctions in July, 1989 were later sold to the Dept of Defense and others Some favorite quotes and news articles
New Book on EVOS coming out this month: Nov, 2004

What I admire about youth and mechanics in particular is that they are hard working, talented, honest AND have this sense of invincibility. Nothing will hurt them, they say!

Some input regarding this profession:

I work in the auto repair world myself. I am around a body shop or a mechanic shop often and do alot of work on cars on the side. The chemicals are very very dangerous. The new paints are worse than the old stuff. i went to a course that DuPont runs and I will tell you I will NEVER EVER paint without a paint suit and supplied air . This stuff is deadly.
Another bad one is brakeclean. Read the can and beware. it is a major carcinogen.

Chemicals can be our best friends or the worst enemy. use caution and don't cut safety corners. it isn't worth the time saved.

God Bless America
A Happy NRA Member
Reply: "Break Clean MSDS is 5-7% of 2-2-butoxyethanol
... & probably 2-3% is even unsafe

Another: Nick is starting his second family ... so he is a 'seasoned' auto mechanic. He said, "Yeah, I've had my hands in anti-freeze, break-fluids, paints ... lots of stuff over the years" He seems to have a lack of energy & said, "Oh, yes, I AM tired a lot!" His baby seems to not be thriving. He said baby has no fat & just wabbles around when poked a little. He said he was afraid that baby would go to sleep & not wake up. Doctors didn't think there was anything the matter but the public health dept was VERY concerned"

Another: A wife of a mechanic was A-OK on the day her husband was working in a more 'hazardous' area for a new dept in his company. (Disposal of Corexit - which is like 409 Cleaner - in that area, but not widely known) The very next day she was sniffling & eyes were watering and you would have thought she had allergies.

This is an example of what 2nd hand solvent exposure would be. For a time, the chemical is expelled from the breath of someone who got too much exposure. So, in a small room, and holding someone close & possibly even breathing into their eyes. This would explain why the spouses and little children born before the first gulf war could come down with the same symptoms.

A TIP: Don't put babies in a newly painted bedroom. Wait until they are older and it is summer & you can keep the windows open, etc. I wonder if some of the SIDS deaths are actually poisoning from paint fumes? I received a call from an office worker in TN over a year ago. She described the horrible symptoms she had after sitting in a newly painted office that had no ventilation.

A TIP: If baby starts coughing, it doesn't necessarily mean baby needs cough medicine to stop the coughing. Look around. What have you been cleaning with? Has someone been painting? What are your manufacturers putting in the air? I would not use Simple Green; Lysol Tub 'n Tile or Lysol Kitchen Disinfectant or those Wiffler Jet mops for babies who are crawling around, either.

A TIP: If your teenager is going to help at a car wash, check and see what cleaning product are going to be used, and get all of the teens to wear gloves and goggles, it there is 2-butoxyethanol in them.

A TIP: If your son or daughter wants to take accutane for mild acne ... SAY NO. The side effects are about the same as those given for 2-butoxyethanol including suicidal tendancies. US Rep whose son took his life when everything was A-OK, except that he was taking accutane ... would concur. Also they include warnings to those, not only who are pregnant ... but who PLAN to be pregnant some day. I say this is a similar and very DANGEROUS chemical that is widely overprescribed

What products contain 2-butoxyethanol? (ethylene glycol monobutyl ether)

Encourage your children, your employer to use this sparingly ... or not at all:

Take any product you want to know about to the search engines; put the product and then MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) in a short time you should be able to find what you want to know.

Be Careful!

Lysol Tub 'n Tile

Carcinogenicity - NTP: YES
Carcinogenicity - IARC: YES

What could thyroid cancer (such as Chief US Supreme Court Justice, Wm Rehnquist has), gallstone pancreatitis (such as Attorney General John Ashcroft had with resultant gall bladder removal) and child leukemia have IN COMMON?

If they also have had chronic fatigue for awhile, check for this:
& if they have many of these symptoms?

I would call ?gulf war syndrome? in the general population as Chronic Fatigue Immune Dysfunction Syndrome. I suspect that it is 2-butoyethanol that is the primary cause of both of these groups, and the fatigue that it causes is acquired autoimmune hemolytic anemia that does not show up in the regular blood work as doctors expect it to. Early on there will be blood in urine and the red blood cells will become mostly immature. If doctors check for this even when they don?t expect it to be there, they will find the fatigue.
World Health Organization says that children
of those overexposed to solvents such as 2-butoxyethanol,
are more at risk for tumor of the brain and leukemia
Look into BUTYL for CFIDS, CFS, FM & 'Military Syndromes' *

An e-mail request to the CDC

on Flu Symptoms

Traces of blood in urine? *

Diarrhea then Constipation?

Seizures Fainting Dizziness *

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