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Old 12-06-2004, 05:20 PM
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Question Liars & Cheats Come In All Sizes!

?GOD?S COMMANDMENT #9? clearly states that ?one is never to bare false witness against one?s neighbors ." And there are no if, and or buts in this statement, as it is as clear and concise, cut and dry, as one can get!

Even mankind himself has adopted this concept of truth as sacred in his courts, in that ?Perjury Under Oath? is also considered a travesty of the first order (ie- A liar is one of the lowest forms of life to be found anywhere in the universe!) And yet, mankind has conveniently abandoned the ?Word of God, as well as The Laws of Man? by making (in some cases) - ?The Separation of Church and State, also a separation between God and mankind himself!"

Even more socially tragic than this, is when an organization like the Veterans Administration (or members thereof), ?Bare False Witness Against Their Own Peers and Comrades?, all the way from the RO, to the top of the judicial process!

So what, pray tell, could prompt a (so-called) man to bow to the beast by lying under sworn oath in order to damage a fellow veteran? Could it be ambition, pure hate, cowardess perhaps, or even a mental and moral sickness that knows no limits of disgrace!

Worse yet, are those within that same system who prompted, ordered, or even coerced, any poor dumb slob - damned though he may be, into bartering away his immortal soul for but a few pieces of tainted silver, a slap upon the back, or even a shot at the big time! For they say that most people have calling and price, but these human curs and cheap whores, like Judas Iscariot, Benedict Arnold, and even the Rosenbergs, would (in my opinion), even turn upon those that completely trusted in their integrity and word of blackened honor!

This was recently, and provably done to me by member(s) of the Veterans Administration Regional Office in San Diego! For when a creature goes out of it?s way to gain trust, only to disrupt that trust with lies, false witness, betrayal and yet more lies, at that very instance, he also gives up his manhood, his honor, and his salvation, in my opinion!

And for the record, those who are guilty of complicity (active or passive) in this foul betrayal, - yet remain mute through it all, are not heroes at all! Nor are they, as they might like to believe, team players, or even any kind of man or patriot at all during this foul endeavor! They are as guilty of this double cross as the cad who pulled it off to begin with!

And whether that creature resides in San Diego, Saint Louis, or even in Washington DC - whether he is titled, bedecked with medals, affluent to the max, or even a recipient of pseudo respect and bogus accolades, presented to him or her by his equally odious counterparts, that creature of darkness is (in my opinion) doomed to an eternity in Hades, right along side several millennia worth of other like thinkers! (The mark of Cain definitely comes to mind here!)

How can anyone, even those who labor alongside of these vermin, risk their own eternity by kissing the ass of the beast! And when, not if, the truth finally does manage to surface above that festering swamp that ensnares these people?s rotting souls, who then will speak out in their defense - certainly not their partners in crime, nor will their henchmen of evil! This filthy and loathsome breed of liars and cheats, will (again my humble opinion), suffer the agony of damnation alone - ?IS IT REALLY WORTH IT, OH LOATHSOME ONES!?

But fear not, for I will never quit, nor will I back off, or even call it a day - not where these betraying vermin are concerned! Not until they, and their puppet masters, are exposed for what they really are, and the public is made aware that there are indeed those who would gladly sell their souls for far less than the 20 pieces of silver that was the final price of yet another scum bag by the name of Judas. But even he could not live with himself, and eventually hung himself in dishonor!!

But then, at least Judas had a modicum of balls and conscience, which is more than I can say for a few of the bastards that I have in mind here!

So grin on ye of so little worth, for in Hell everyone is grinning - not out of accomplishment or pride, but rather as a sardonic tribute to all who would sell out their fellow man, regardless of their flawed reasoning! (BURN BABY, BURN!!)

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