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Angry The Current Price Of A Pic



“Come on people – let’s get real!?” Don’t we pay our politicians (and other celebs) enough already? Or do a few of them now charge literally thousands of dollars for their signatures, including (if I read the piece right), for the signature of already overpaid politicians?

Of course, I can only go by the data that I just read, but if a politician don’t want their picture taken, then that is up to them ‘And the Voters Themselves?’ But having to pay a premium price for the photo, or even the autograph, of some already overpaid politico, just does not sound right to me? And once again, in my opinion, these people are not movie stars or even historical icons! And it seems to me that they are already “Public Property”, and even though I am sure that these well-paid politicians have already crossed their ‘Ts’ and dotted their ‘I’s’ from a legal standpoint, I still can’t help but wonder if some enterprising politician might even find a future market for their discarded old belly-button lint or even for their used-up old toilet paper rolls?

“Come on people – let’s get real!” We certainly pay “These Political Rock Stars” enough to handsomely live on, without them opening-up a whole new avenue of income potential for them in photography and signature sales – opinion!? And if it is their intention to eventually sell even the air that they generously share with us and then maybe it is away past time that we offer these politicians their walking papers!? “And No” – This Just Isn’t Funny Anymore? As A Matter of Fact (if True?) - It Is Getting Damned Ridiculous and Insulting To The Dignity of “We the People” and the concepts of this government “Of, By and For The People of Our United States” themselves – Opinion!?

“So what will a few of these politicians be selling next – canned political bowel-gas, direct from the floor of the House or the Senate!?” And just how much of this garbage will “We the People (the true masters of our government)” - continue to tolerate? Or is this just an instant replay of – ‘The Old Imperial Roman Hierarchy of Some Twenty Centuries In The Past’, when Old Pontius Pilate (First Century Procurator of Judea, 26-36 A.D) may have also felt that ‘He Too’ was just of far more importance to “The Ancient Romans” - than he genuinely was?!

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