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Old 11-26-2022, 07:55 PM
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Unhappy Status Quo - All Screwed-Up

11-26-2022 (Déjà Vu)

“Hectic, Befuddled, Terrifying and Totally Confused” - are the only words that I conjure-up to describe what is systematically being done to “Our” United States of America! And worst yet, most of “Our People” know it too, but lack the resolve, the will, the craw or even the intellect to tackle the problem head-on, in my opinion? “And for the record, this problem is nothing new!” As it is the same, old dilemma that has been plaguing humanity, ever since its inception upon this planet, all of those many millennia ago! And yet even knowing the root causes of many of our own past problems, we still continue to blindly (and subserviently) plunge head long into a pit of depravity, mayhem, decay and maybe even eventual extinction – “Why Is That, Do You Suppose?!”

For we are fairly well educated, sophisticated and nicely versed enough (by the nature of our past history), in the ways of mankind’s nearly fatal foibles, to know that any species of life can’t continue to violate “The Laws of God and Nature” this many times before they have been stretched far beyond even their own ability to enact any remedial repairs – and yet, we still attempt to push the envelope to its limits, “now don’t we?” And humanity has been pushing “This Lying Crap” ever since it first crawled-forth from the primordial-ooze! But have we ever listened to (or even heeded) our very own malarkey – “Hell No” nor are we ever likely to do so either!? Until, that is, we finally run out of chances and excuses to really wise up?”

Now just stop for a moment”, and gaze up some crystal-clear evening at the night-time skies, and then try to ponder the true vastness of outer space, and the myriad of other stars, planets and even endless void that keeps us all relatively safe from terrors that we can’t even imagine in our wildest dreams or even within our most livid nightmares, then do tell me again – “Just How Secure and Protected Do You Really Feel Right About Now?”

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