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Old 12-02-2022, 11:00 PM
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Unhappy Only The Deluded


Only a deluded damned fool could ever even consider the vague possibility that “The United States of America” is not at the very top of our own game plan! And in my opinion, all of this “stinking horse-crap” about any real competition (military, political or economic), is pure, unadulterated camel-dung!

Now let’s get real for a moment, and begin to analyze mankind’s history and progress over the last three-quarters of a century or so? Granted, “We the People” have often needed a proverbial sharp stick in the ass of time! But when push came to shove, there wasn’t one damned country out there that could even hold a candle to the feet of “Our Dear Old Uncle Sam” and they knew it too!

So if our silence is that damned upsetting to some or if a few of you fear that all of that bull-crap that flows freely (and on a regular basis), out of the minds, mouths and propaganda, of our nation’s enemies (or even a few of our own friendly politicians as well), is valid, then I invite you all to think back deeply into “Our Country’s Past History” and remember this:

“It may indeed be the squeaky-wheel that usually commands the lion’s portion of the grease of time”, but within our silence, can also be found a torrent of genius, a multitude of talent, the slyness of a fox, the power of a giant and the might of the ages!

So beware of “This Sleeping Behemoth” that is still the awesome and the terrifying “United States of America!” And in my opinion – “We the People of These United States” are still “The Only True Ally (and world-wide friend)” that we and our compatriots of freedom can definitely count upon – “At All Times and In All Dangerous, Pressing and Critical International Situations!”

So In My Own Under Informed, Poorly Educated and Stupidity-Ridden Opinion: “May God, Time and Nature As Well, Continue To Bless and to Preserve – Our Gallant, Mighty, and Heroic Nation, Along With Our Tremendous Military And Our Indomitable, Ever-Courageous and Mighty People, As Well!”

But if you don’t give a damn anymore about “The Future of Our Great Country”, then why in the ‘Hell’ should anyone (or anything) else?” And when “The People Themselves” give up upon “Their Own Nation”, then can ‘The Almighty Himself’ be all that far behind? (by - hrt 12/2/2022)

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