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Old 03-02-2005, 11:04 AM
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Default Finally...

After about 47 years of not being able to track-down or find ANY of my old buddies of 10th Recon Co / 10th Division (circa 1955 thru 58), of my best friends Frank called me up from Tennessee. Haven't been so glad in MANY Moons.

Regardless, I thought that maybe some of you: "Cold War Warriors" out there having similarly served in West Germany, might find a correspondence to Old Frank,...somewhat amusing?
Frank's surprise call certainly jogged-the-hell out of my old memories.

So, goes.

Dear Frank,
or should I say your Colonelship Retiree?

A few days ago you mentioned how our once hard-ass boss did everything possible to make His 10th Recon Company Boys stand out (even NO-NO mustaches encouraged) as The Very Best of The 10th Division,...even though already and unarguably established from 16 Week and/or 4 months (straight through without a break)**** Basic Training at Fort Riley, Kansas....

Regardless, do you remember The Yellow Scarf incident at Kitzingen, when We were highly trained killers on The NATO Team? "The Gator Man" didn't like that We went into town with: "Civies", just like most others did from Harvey Barracks. Didn't think that such showed Elite Unit Pride, and that We might be confused with The Regulars and/or NOT The 10th Division Recon Aggressor Force.

Soooooo, "He" decreed that anyone opting to go On Pass with their greatly prided Yellow Scarves, tailored kackies, and spit-shined (even in Field) Tanker/Cavalry boots, should do so even though a Post Regulation NO-NO.
Naturally, very many opted doing just that.

It didn't seem mattering to 1st Lt Crews that The MP's would pick us up and bring us back to Camp, since out of uniform in town.
"He" would just turn us loose again. For some, such got a little expensive taxi-wise. That's about it.

For some not caught out of uniform in town and sort-of disappointed (B-busters that We Were),...when wishing to return to The Barracks, We would just search-out MP's for a free ride back home.

So then Frank, and if there's a moral to this little story, it's that any newbie: "Shave Tail" or "2nd Louie" should try as hard-as-hell to become a Recon Company Commander.
No accountability whatsoever to Battalion, Regiment, Post or Battle Group. Just to Division

Hell, a: "Division Eyes and Ears" Company CO (even as a 1st Lt) has about as much muscle as a Chinese Warlord, even better firepower.

Hey Frank,...remember that: "Mad Minute" and/or lined-up (7)-76's, (3) 3.5 Rocket Launchers, (3) 100 mil Mortars, (14) 50's, (26) 30's, (4) BAR's, and about 100 M1-Rifles and Carbines,...ALL FIRING SIMULTANEOUSLY. Only time in 3 years being permitted cotton in ears.

Still, and in fairness, at dusk and with so many tracers in the air at the time, it did sort-of look pretty...inspite of being so-damn-noisey. Most certainly wouldn't have liked to be sneaking-up or camping-out, that about 1000 yard Impact Area.
"No way,...Jose' ".

A longtime and belated GarryOwen to yuh,

****After out of The Service for about 15-20 years, saw on History Channel that the only OTHER people doing 16 weeks or 4 months Basic Training STRAIGHT THRU and/or without a break or pass,...were The French Foreign Legion.
Fortunately, !0th Recon Co didn't have to do so in Guyana.
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