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Old 04-25-2007, 08:37 PM
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Kenzel, Sir!

I am glad that you are Home!

You expressed a whish to come in contact with 1st Cav Veterans. Besides the ones whom are posting here, perhaps more can be found as far as how to reach them, by either roster-pages and their signings of guestbooks in various unit-sites of eith erDivisional websites and/or subordinate units within the Division, by checking the following links out?

CavHooah (Extensive Cavalry website!):

Cavalrycountry (mainly for Korea) -main + links + maps:

1st Cav Div Assn:

1st Cav Div online locator:

1st Cav Div "First Team" -main + overview:

1st Cav Div Medic airmobile:

5th Cav Rgt (2/5th Cav Rgt, 1st Cav Div) -main + links + LZ's, FB's and Base-areas
(detailed and several with maps) + documents + hist. research mtrl:

7th Cav Rgt -Rgt assn + 1/7th "LZ X-ray":

8th Cav Rgt -Assn + 1/8th main + Memorial + D/2/8th x3:

T G C!

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Old 03-16-2009, 10:00 AM
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Default LZ Carolyn, 6 May 1969

To anyone who survived the 6 May 1969 attack on LZ Carolyn. Are you still alive out there in cyberspace? I'm trying to get in touch with an "unkown" that contacted Packo about his friend that was in B-1-30th FA at LZ Carolyn who was looking for help. I'm the Historian and Veterans Affairs Officer for the 30th FA Regiment and I'll be able to help him. I'm in contact with three of our guys who were awarded Silver Stars for their actions that day. Also, I've been corresponding with Jim Rowell who wrote his story about the 6 May 1969 attack on LZ Carolyn. I write the 30th FA Hard Charger News column for the 1st Cav Div "SABER" Newsletter, and my next article will concentrate on the attack on LZ Carolyn. I'm looking for pictures of LZ Carolyn if anyone has some to accompany the article. I served with the Hard Chargers of 1-30th FA in 1968 up in I CTZ (Camp Evans/A Shau Valley area Thua Thien Province. BTW, B-1-30th FA also received the VUA. My home email is:
Hard Charger ~ Sir!
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