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Old 04-28-2005, 05:28 PM
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Talking "Hi-Ho, Hi-Ho, It's Back To Work We Go!

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I, like all of you, was raised in the belief that ?WE THE PEOPLE? were the government. That we controlled our destiny, our rights, and that we especially controlled those whom we entrust to carry out our will!

?Yeah, and I believe in the Easter Bunny too!?

A few within our elected government, at least in my opinion, have mutated into something far more that hired hands. They have self-elevated themselves to a status that rivals a demigod or a royal entourage! And although the vestigial mandate remains in place, far too many (not all) in government now consider themselves to be way above anything as trivial as the people themselves!

Unfortunately, this ?Holier Than Thou Mindset?, is not at all limited to the kings and goddesses that perch high atop the political pecking order. The infection of absolute power now permeates Olympus, from top to bottom, and this sickness has caused more grief than a hooker with herpes!

With this misguided allocation of power and duties to some totally unqualified underlings, has also come a growing (and false) sense of grandiosity amidst those insatiable types who are not capably of handling the front desk at a skid row motel (opinion)! People who, on their own, could not (and should not) rise above the same gutters that they gleefully toss their peers into on a regular basis!

When, however, limitless power is entrusted to a few bureaucrats who genuinely qualify as human trash, and this power is utilized, not for the public good and welfare as it was intended, but rather to inflict the damage that moral cowards seem to get off on, who then draws the line? ?Certainly not the big boys who feast at the apex of the system??

We now reside in a society where the criminal often decides his own fate. A society where any complaint filed against a petty bureaucrat with his bosses in government - inevitably works its way back down to the very jackass whom it was filed against!

Finally, when the man on top is shielded, like some sought of Prima Donna in Armor, from the people who pay the bills, and who are ?SUPPOSE? to be the final authority, then ?We The People? become the power in name only!!

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