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Arrow USN/USMC Squadron Abbreviations


USN & USMC Squadron / Unit Abbreviations ~

Marines insert the letter "M" after the first letter to indicate it's Semper Fi-ness
example: VF (USN) ~ VMF (USMC) for Fighter Squadrons

Aircraft Scouting Force ASWF
Anti-Submarine Fighter ATU
Advanced Training Unit CAG
Carrier Air Group CNO
Chief Naval Operations CPW
Commander, Patrol Wing FASRON
Fleet Aircraft Service Squadrons FATS
Force Aircraft Test Squadron FAW
Fleet Air Wing MABS
Marine Air Base Squadron MACG
Marine Air Control Group MAG
Marine Air Group MAW
Marine Air Wing MCAGCC
Marine Corps Air Ground Combat Center MCAS
Marine Corps Air Station MCB
Marine Corps Base MCLB
Marine Corps Logistics Base NAS
Naval Air Stations

Attack Mining Squadron VAH
Special Operations Squadron VAQ
Reconnaissance Squadron VB
Bomb Squadron VBF
Bomber Fighter Squadron VC
Composite Squadron VCS
Cruiser Scout Squadron VD
Fleet Air Photo Reconnaissance Squadron VF
Fighter Squadron VF(N)
Night Fighting Squadron VGF
Escort Fighter Squadron VGS
Escort Scout Squadron VH
Air Sea Rescue Squadron VJ
Utility / Meteorological Squadron VM
Miscellaneous Squadron (Naval Base) VN-D
Training Squadron (Naval District) VO
Observation Squadron VOT
Operational Training Squadron VP
Patrol Squadron VP-D
Patrol Squadron (Naval District) VPB
Patrol Bomber Squadron VP MAU
Patrol Squadron Master Augment Unit VPU
Special Operations Unit VPW
Airborne Early Warning VQ
Electronic/Air Reconnaissance VR
Transport Squadron VRE
Transport Evacuation Squadron VRF
Ferry Squadron VRS
Service Squadron VS
Antisubmarine Reconnaissance Scout Squadron VS-D
Scouting Squadron (Naval District) VSB
Scout Bomber Squadron VT
Torpedo Squadron VTB
Torpedo Bomb Squadron VU
Utility Squadron VW
Airborne Early Warning VX
Air Test and Evaluation VX-D
Experimental Squadron (Naval District) VMB
Marine Bomb Squadron VMC
Marine Composite Squadron VMD
Marine Photographic Squadron VMF
Marine Fighter Squadron VMF(N)
Marine Night Fighter Squadron VMJ
Marine Utility Squadron VMO
Marine Observation Squadron VMOT
Marine Operational Training Squadron VMP
Marine Patrol Squadron VMPB
Marine Patrol Bombing Squadron VMR
Marine Transport Squadron VMRF
Marine Ferry Squadron VMRS
Marine Service Squadron VMS
Marine Scout Squadron VMSB
Marine Scouting Bombing Squadron VMT
Marine Torpedo Squadron VMTB
Marine Torpedo Bombing Squadron VMU
Marine Utility Squadron VMW
Marine Wing Headquarters Squadron ZJ
Lighter Than Air - Airship Utility Squadron ZN
Lighter Than Air - Airship Training Squadron ZP
Lighter Than Air - Airship Patrol Squadron ZS
Lighter Than Air - Airship Scout Squadron


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