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Old 07-17-2002, 05:41 PM
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Default Latest Update on the Effort to save the Tamaroa, Hero of the Perfect Storm

Ladies and Gentlemen for about 7 years now, I have been begging,pleading, cajoling all manner of men and women and organizations to join me in saving the Tamaroa. We have her and have been working hard on her in her present Berth in Baltimore. For those of you interested here is the most recent update, hot off the presses.

IRS nonprofit application has been submitted and we received confirmation that it is in the pipeline. We Received the tonnage documentation from ABS ($1140.00) for the National Vessel Documentation Center. Still we have two more points to meet on a memorandum the coast Guard sent to us!

Our new location behind Walmart/Sams Club in Baltimore is getting a few visitors. Some even bring money. We have received about $650.00 in the past couple of weeks.

The painting and equipment maintenance goes on and on and on. The refrigerator in the galley quit. $216 to find out that it will probably take $750 to fix it. However, the refrig. tech got the small refrig under the serving counter working.

We had about 10 people last weekend. hoping for LOTS MORE the 26-27 July.

We met with the USCG Captain of the Port/Hampton Roads last week, must complete the 10 points listed in his letter, etc. We are waiting for a new letter of requirements and concerns.

The arrangement with Northrop/Grumman is still pending due to the IRS application process.

We tentatively have a pier at Lambert's Point in Norfolk to moor the TAMAROA when we finally get clearance from Hampton Roads.

So as you see and if you followed my previous posts, there is progress. Its slow but steady. Within a year she will be used to train sea scouts and jnrotc cadets in the ways of the sea. It is exit 54 off 95 north in Baltimore if you want to come down and just take a look at her. She is 59 years young with an operating plant. That's right, the diesel eleectric plant is back on line and we actually turned the screw with it. Up til this point, the old girl lay rusting in NYC since 1994. So that is quite an accomplishment.


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