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Old 07-04-2002, 02:57 AM
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Default Tamaroa MK's and EN's needed

Schedule work weekends on the TAMAROA for July 13-14, and July 27-28.

WANTED - Several people - especially ENs/MKs qualified to stand watches in the engine room and/or motor room. We need to continue learning the systems. Training underway and in port watch standers.

Main Engines GM 12-268A
Auxiliary Generators Detroit (GM) 6-71 and 12-71s
Fire and Flushing System
Sewage Collection System
Bilge Pumping System
Potable (domestic) Water System
Fuel Oil and Transfer System
Lube Oil Systems (drive train & engines)
Supply and Exhaust Air Handling

The possibility of our sailing the TAMAROA to the Norfolk area and later to its future homeport in Richmond, is for real. BUT It cannot happen, if we don't have qualified people. Cranking up a ship's service generator so that we have lights and flushing water is one thing, but being underway is a big responsibility.

We also need Electricians, Refrigeration Techs (our galley refer is quiet), and BMs. Anyone and everyone is welcome to join us! There will always be something that needs attention.

Most of our crew stay aboard the ship (a little tight perhaps) but cheaper than a motel and when the Galley Person is aboard, meals are cheap and very good.

We expect the TAM to still be located at the pier behind SAM'S Club on Cromwell Street, Locust Point. I-95 Exit 54 (Hanover Street) will take you to Cromwell Street as will as I-95 Exit 55. Any unexpected moves will be told as soon as they happen.

Please contact us via email or call 804-273-0247 when you know which weekend(s) you want to work and how many meals you plan to eat on the ship, so we can plan Work Schedules and Meals.

If you think there is someone we've missed sending this message to, who would like to join us, please forward this email to them or tell them what our plans are.

Director of Operations
TAMAROA Maritime Foundation
"Zounds! I was never so bethumped with words."

King John 2.1.466
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