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Old 04-16-2007, 06:07 PM
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Originally posted by MARINEVET ALCON:

...get us some U.S. Soldiers and Marines, with the requisite supporting arms, and as I've said before...LET THE DAWGS OUT...and we can shut this crap down here in The 'Stan in a hurry. We have to remove some of the constraints/restraints on our forces IF we are to prevail.
Colonel, I hate to beg for specifics and explanations but what exactly would the untethered DAWGS have to do to shut the CaCa down quickly ?

Now, I don't know much ... but my senses tell me that we would have to intrude somewhere. If not intruding into that country whose name starts with a "P" and I don't mean the Philipines then does it mean sealing off towns and putting the squeeze on every civilian.

And if those things are only a fraction of what has to be done, and I can't see how we could avoid INTRUDING on someone's space ... And if the powers that be are accepting the status quo ... then this whole thing goes on for a very long time.

Is that what the bureaucrats call a "win win situation" ... they fight and we kind of fight and stay ?

"Yet all is not well. The Army has lowered standards for its recruits and pays out hundreds of millions of dollars a year in re-enlistment bonuses. The officer corps is thin in numbers. Equipment is wearing out fast. Many units are now on their third combat tour. If conflict arises elsewhere, we'd be hard-pressed.

The weight of war has been borne by a relatively small number of Americans. Now we're asking them to do still more. For all the talk in Washington of deadlines and withdrawal dates, of staying the course and winning with the surge, the troops are the key. In fairness to them, this can't go on forever.


? 2007, The News & Observer (Raleigh, N.C.)."
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