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Unhappy Thieves, Liars & Political Wannabees


“First of All”, this is not way that it has to be, nor is it the way that it should (or even must) be- politically speaking? But after all is said and done, it sure as ‘Hell’ is the way that it is today - at times, in my opinion!! And oh what good these people within government could (and should have) done for the inhabitants of “Our Great Nation!!” They have the power, they have the tax revenues, they have the titles and they have the responsibility, but unfortunately, far many of them - lack the will, the desire, and often even the mortal fortitude, to really get things done properly? And worst yet, far too many of these highly educated and superbly financed individuals - seem to lump themselves together into political mobs that have lost all sight of what in the name of ‘Hell’ they were originally (and quite handsomely) hired to do? So why is it (I ask you) that far too many of - “These Creatures of Elected Power” flagrantly attempt to elevate themselves above the people, who in reality, are themselves “The Government of these United States of America?” Either that - or they artificially attempt to raise themselves, far above the people whom they are sworn to protect and to represent? And more over, far too many of these servants of the public’s will, quickly forget their mandate of responsibility, and they mutate instead, into a privileged lot of overlords and political potentates - who consider themselves to be far above (and beyond) anything as trite, as inconsequential, and as ignorable as “The People Themselves?!”

Or could it possibly be that, over time, and in particular, the last seventy-five years or so, our people themselves, have lost sight of, ignored, and even abandoned, the concept of who is really in charge, and what “Gents like Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Ronald Reagan and even Donald Trump” truly had in mind? “So Where Have All the Icons, Doers, and Even Dreamers Gone – and how can we quickly get them back?” For ‘in my opinion’, it is not the political party that makes the man, but rather, it is the man (or woman) themselves who add the polish and the gleam to this – “Our Own Illustrious - Domestic & International Prowess!”

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Old 08-04-2022, 04:37 AM
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Thumbs up Viewpoint: Politics today is just liars, crooks and thieves in both political parties

Viewpoint: Politics today is just liars, crooks and thieves in both political parties
By: Sharon Oswalt - Viewpoint & M Live - 02-05-10

She write(s): Thanks to crumbling politics, and the liars, crooks and thieves we have running this country, I can honestly say — except for my local millage issues — I will never vote again.

That’s just another thing politicians should be proud of creating -- a political atmosphere that makes voters give up their right to vote. I am totally ashamed of myself for the people I helped put into office these last two elections, believing they were honest about change and reaching across party lines to settle the disputes and problems that face this nation.

Instead, we have the same old bickering that years ago would have sent father and son out to the woodshed to warm that part of their anatomy they currently sit on, as they shove this crap they call “working politics” down our throats.

Except for the occasional opportunity used to bring media to the forefront to provide spoon-fed news to make them look like they are doing something for the people, please tell me when these politicians ever thought about the good old phrase “we the people.”

I don’t know how many people watched Katie Couric’s story regarding political retirements on Dec. 22, but if you missed it, you missed a real humdinger. Even the political thieves, liars and crooks who were caught and imprisoned, continue to receive their six-figure annual retirement from we the people, while behind bars.

To every retiree and disabled person drawing Social Security, let me remind them there was no cost of living increase for 2010, unless you had “retired politician” as your job description because, according to Couric’s story, they received a $9,000 cost-of-living increase, in prison or out.

How is it that for crooks, thieves and liars the cost of living increased, but for those of us who are retired or disabled none existed? As long as we keep our heads in the dark, politicians will continue to sell us so-called improvements by making them look good before they ask us to say “ahh” and swallow.

They are thieves, because they stole our votes with promises they never intended to keep. They are crooks because only the crooked can get away with bribing another politician for their vote in broad public view and get away with it. They are liars because they just are.

We need common, everyday people facing the same losses we face running this country. Our system is set up so only millionaires and billionaires can win a national election, because it costs millions to run. You can bet your last dollar they got rich by finding a way to reach out and take that last dollar from each and every one of us.

The only thing Republicans and Democrats have reached across party lines to work together on, is the lies they tell to get what they want. Neither party gives a damn about constituents, only how they look in their constituents eyes. Did they tell a big enough lie, when we said “ahh” and did they make it look good enough for us to swallow even though it left a putrid taste in our mouths?

It’s not just health care. It’s using “green” as a guise to triple our electric bills. It’s rising heating costs. It’s the cost of our groceries, and the cost of every avenue we call life.

We don’t have to look too far to follow the money and see who benefits. One thing 2009 did was to make that evident. Whose wallets are getting fatter and why aren’t they the ones getting hit with all these surcharges, extra taxes and no cost-of-living increase?

Sharon Oswalt resides in Paw Paw.
Personal note: This was a decade ago it was written. Sharon's comments forgive me
for saying "are Dead On" and ten years later its just as bad or worse now. This is
why so many today want to run for office. Connections access to lots of funds and
getting paid for service's & main stream issues that never come to fruition. It's
like a self made moffia to me. We the People are taking the "hit's" at every turn.
Thanks Sharon you made my day - but boy the Truth really hurt's don't it!

O Almighty Lord God, who neither slumberest nor sleepest; Protect and assist, we beseech thee, all those who at home or abroad, by land, by sea, or in the air, are serving this country, that they, being armed with thy defence, may be preserved evermore in all perils; and being filled with wisdom and girded with strength, may do their duty to thy honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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