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Old 08-09-2022, 11:48 AM
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Angry So - Just Who Is Immune From "Any" Government Over Reach


(Personal Opinions)?”

“When the bastardizing of rights even reaches into the life of a former (and maybe even a future) president as well, then you just know that the fear of that individual certainly exists!”

But you have really got to ask yourself this question: When “OUR VERY OWN GOVERNMENT” can raid the life (and the estate), of a former president and this without concern for anything that “We, As A Liberty-Loving Nation Stand For” - then just how safe and how secure can any of us (the average citizen) really feel from that point on?

And if “These Criminal (?) Raiders (opinion)” can assail even the life “A Former President”, then what in ‘The Name of Hell’ makes any of us feel secure from the ravishes any government or private entity (or even their paid henchmen), the likes of which, have not been seen since the fall of “The Third Reich?”

Lastly, and after this, ‘What in The Name of Hades’ makes any of us think that we even have any security, rights, or even privacy left in our own lives anymore? “Remember, the hardest right to abuse, lose, or even obliterate, is always the first! After that, the cessation (or the removal) of ALL other rights and constitutional protections comes easy!”

And once again, if you can bastardize the rights, the privacy, the property, the security, or even the dignity, of any one American, especially one that is respected, functional and powerful, then just what in the ‘Hell’ can make any of you believe that any of us are truly secure anymore? “After all, no man is above (or even below) the law! And such a violation of the dignity of any American, especially “A Former U.S. President From Either Political Faction”, cannot, must not, and will never, be tolerated, no matter who seeks to undertake it! (Personal Opinion)

“Our Founding Fathers Have Got To Be Turning Over In Their Graves!!”

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Old 08-10-2022, 12:58 PM
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Exclamation Amen HC - I've added my feeling's about rolling over!

They've been shooting (or giving us) moon shots many times - and have
rolled over in disgust.

It's not just the Presidents - its whole damn system (of late) that is kaput -
as we've all heard that over & over within our many years of life.
Congress is also a major factor - whereas they get to stay in office for life
it seems which is unacceptable to me. Or is it the Supreme Court judges
that are in for life (as long as they aren't part brain dead from old age).
Two Terms [2 to 4 yrs max] and then it's over - its time to rotate the
Congressional men & Women.

The Left and the Right are constantly at odds. We need an influx of new
fresh people with todays current understanding of the ongoing issues in
our country & within their States.
No Congressional candidate should be able to run for office exceeding
65 years of age.
I do believe this only applies to the Supreme Court Judges.
[They either learn to work together legally and with proficiency - and not
the self interest (of the party President that picks them) - as we see it
Too many have died for this Country - since it's conception. Many more
have died since then - because of the world wide issues - and the US keeps
sending our flesh & blood into those places - to help them out.

(Of which once we leave - the country we were trying to help - then goes
back to their old ways = and the fighting starts again!). Will we ever learn?
The sacrafices of our men & women in the field is God Awful!
This Country is currently leaning in two directions - and not working as Team!
Without total cooperation within our government - we are doomed to failure.
And we've currently seen this - year after year.
Two parties the Left and Right - both need to find a means by which both
sides agree - to what the People are looking for - it's call Harmony!
Unity - and lastly a "Timely Presentation" of any new process to the People
along with the assurance that more is to come.
We The People Lack Unity - two side's fighting amongst goals that are
unreachable - unless they all agree. Hence nothing gets done; and
one side or the other is left behind. This is what's destroying
our system - and its growth - and its lack of harmony for the American
Personal self interest while governing is unacceptable - and wrong.
You are there - to improve the American Way of Life & Liberty.
And to seek out our pursuit of Happiness - and yet not to bury us
with same bullshit - that we see day after day.
You want boy's club - join the YMCA.
You either work together - or it will destroy the internal workings
of both parties - and the people - who were looking for better.
I'm disgusted and tired of hearing all your bullshit. Neither
side communicates and/or agrees on issues; moreso - that
the People are waiting for positive things - that never happen.
No more old wood in office. Two Terms and you're gone - time
to get a life. Fresh ideas are needed - not all Party Interest
only - that's why we fail to get anything done.
[And HC - YES! Our Fore Father are rolling over and shooting all
you a magnificent "Moon Shot" from the Grave. And I'd say many
times over the years!]
It's disgusting to watch and listen to your arguments each and
every day. The day of the Governmental Boy's & Girl Club's -
are over.
Max age should not exceed 65 years old. After then get your
hat and thank you for your service. No more old wood in
office. I hate to say things like this - but - you've not proven
yourself to me or many other's of late. The Departmental
struggles have got to find a medium to get things; or the
people issues - DONE!
WE THE PEOPLE HAVE SPOKEN - take your ear plugs out
and get your shit together - before the fall Rome happens
to us! I mean it - this seems to be a current path of late.
We Thank You for Service - and think about what you've done
to our Country - and it's People - while serving. We will grade
you in our history books as of today you all get a -C and soon
dropping you futher.
I'm a 77 yr old U.S. Citzen - 12 yr Navy two tours VN Vet -
and really upset to see the course we are on!
If you can't see it - that's why your still in office and the
recent Trump bullshit has pushed many of us over the
edge - and once again - proved - YOU GUYS NEED HELP!
I'm neither Democrat or Republican - I'm an American!

O Almighty Lord God, who neither slumberest nor sleepest; Protect and assist, we beseech thee, all those who at home or abroad, by land, by sea, or in the air, are serving this country, that they, being armed with thy defence, may be preserved evermore in all perils; and being filled with wisdom and girded with strength, may do their duty to thy honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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