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Old 08-20-2006, 04:55 PM
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Angry ?Defamation? of West Point Motto Creates Furor

?Defamation? of West Point Motto Creates Furor

The words ?Duty, Honor, Country? have been emblazoned on the United States Military Academy?s coat of arms since 1898 and the mantra of the late General Douglas MacArthur.

They are considered a code for military leadership and loyalty to the United States and decorated World War II veteran George Putnam has always ended his radio show ?Talk Back? with those three words.

But now ?this hallowed creed has been transmogrified to read ?Beauty, Honor, Country? at a new multi-million-dollar Landmark Gateway Plaza on the Veterans Administration grounds in West Los Angeles,? Vietnam War-era vet Robert L. Rosebrock, who is leading the charge against the bronzed words on a concrete wall at the entrance to the VA grounds, told NewsMax.

Rosebrock, president of Healthy Hour Enterprises ? which hosts business networking events in Southern California ? calls the ?Duty? to ?Beauty? change ?blasphemy and defamation against the three most revered words in military history.?

The man behind the creation of the park ? and the change in wording ? is Harve Bennett, producer of four ?Star Trek? movies and TV?s ?The Six-Million Dollar Man,? and a board member of the Veterans Park Conservancy, non-profit group aligned with the local Veterans Administration.

The Conservancy designed and built the Gateway Plaza and perimeter fence. But for nearly a year, the site was hidden from public view with a temporary fence, and the ?Beauty? furor erupted only after the site was dedicated on March 28.

?Both Veterans and non-Veterans are outraged at this terrible fiasco,? said Rosebrock.

?Mr. Charles E. Dorman, administrative director of the local VA, has informed me that the word ?Beauty? stays. This is not only hard to comprehend but even more difficult to accept, especially since this is on Veterans? property and Mr. Dorman is the highest ranking official representing the U.S. Department of Veterans? Affairs in Los Angeles and is supposed to be working in the best interest of all Veterans.?

Rosebrock said he got in touch with West Point to express his outrage and demand action, but received ?little reaction.?

Rosebrock then spoke with the president of the West Point Alumni Society in Los Angeles, who contacted the U.S. Military Academy ? only to be told that West Point would take no action in regard to the motto change.

?Here we are in a time of war, and we have people serving under this motto, and West Point shrugs its shoulders and won?t get involved,? Rosebrock told NewsMax.

Rosebrock also contacted Harry Pregerson, a circuit court judge in Los Angeles and a Marine veteran, who called the word change a ?desecration? of the motto and vowed to deal directly with the Veterans Administration in Washington, telling Rosebrock ?I?m with you 100 percent.?

Several veterans felt so adamant about correcting the ?blasphemy? that they took matters into their own hands, surreptitiously placing a large letter ?D? over the first three letters of ?Beauty.?

?Unfortunately, the VA disapproved and unilaterally removed the letter ?D,?? Rosebrock wrote in the West L.A. Business Monthly.

?Now it?s reverted back to the original perverted message that belittles the rigors of military duty.?

These people don't even have the guts to show it on their website!

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