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Old 04-01-2023, 12:26 PM
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Unhappy America - Hell


Have you ever looked (really looked) at a map of the world, and in particular, at our neck of the international woods? For if you had, you would definitely have noticed that there are many countries out there that are encompassed within “The American Continents Themselves?”

Our primary concern here, however, should and must forever be, for “The United States - All Fifty Glorious Sections of Her!!” For if the truth be known, we are still “The United States of America” and not merely “THE FIFTY SCATTERED and DIVIDED STATES THAT MAKE UP THIS MAGNIFICENT NATION OF OURS?” And as such, it truly appalls me when some people attempt to separate us on the basis of our geographical location, our accents or even our diverse heritage and ethnicity! For we are one gigantic, mighty, technologically and militarily superior, behemoth! And let no man, no nation, nor even military power, upon the face of this entire planet ever doubt this axiom of our global might, pride and prowess!

For it is only when we ourselves abandon belief in our own might, or we lose sight of our own destiny and our responsibilities, that we become a danger to our own prosperity, our own invulnerability, our own competence, our own military and even our very own lives as well – And it is only when fear circumvents even national pride, patriotism, equality, might and even our own dignity itself, that any once magnificent nation’s days are truly numbered!

And for the record - I am neither a Democrat nor am I a Republican. I am rather, a proud and loyal citizen of the greatest nation ever to have existed upon the face of this entire planet – “THE MAGNIFICENT UNITED STATES of AMERICA!”


P.S. - “I only say (and write) what I truly feel and believe! And I wish that more of you out there would do likewise!!”
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Old 04-01-2023, 04:16 PM
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Unhappy I too am an American at all times

It goes without question - I would fight for this country - even at my age
if called. My Grand-Parents were immigrant's that came over after WWI.
They raised their Families where Freedom was unknown in 3rd world
elements. Their Son's and my Father's were in WWI, Korea & WWII and
my brother Larry & I enlisted during the Cuban Crisis and then onto
Viet Nam.
Our duty was to protect & serve our Country from foreign elements and
help those who were suffering from abusive actions in their homelands.
We wanted to protect our homelands - as well as our Friends around
the globe.
We know what Freedom means and the sacrifices that come from
getting it. I was against those who would call us baby killers back
We had Draft Dodgers - Coke Heads and Marijuana smokers in
those days. Still do from what I hear. Yea they had Parties in
farm fields - while many men went to war.
Today we are killing our own - kids killing kids. What the hell
caused all this? Racial issues still haunt a few - but they have to
learn to get through it.
All men are brother's under the skin - they bleed and die just
like us. They have heart & are dedicated to prove their manhood
and their desire to live where-ever in America. They get false
news from many even today - which is a pity!
We have the South versus the North. Still confronting one another.
And race is still an issue - it's the inability to get to know one-another.
Some of my best friends were men of color. One saved me from
being killed - you can't ask for more that.
Corruption in Government is ongoing. Many in Office do not
belong there - but bought their way in from deep pocket sources.
Divisions in our Political Houses are so bad that nothing gets passed
- or done - without considering the facts at hand.
It's Party versus Party - it's a dead heat and a system full of
contradictions and misbehavior.
The competition around the globe is terrible of late.
More and more insecurity - is also driving the waring elements
and now considering higher grade nuclear weapons.
Dictators still exist - corruption is rapid worldwide - and the innocent
still pay the price in all those areas. The People in Charge are cruel
- and in many cases - the People of those lands are treated
like animals.
Humanity doesn't exist in many foreign lands even to this day.
If the Lord Almighty can't stop it - war's will continue!
I'd say that 3 to 6% of our Nation suffers from over-zealous
reactions. The radicals and the so-called drum-beaters trying to
take over our government - it came close during the insurrection!
We cannot tolerate another such maneuver on our Capitol. The
Flag must fly but - only for unity - rather than displacement.
HC - when you & I gone - who will standup for our system and
will it be altered by confliction led elements? Hence we will
become something other - then it was meant to be?
That bothers me.
We old timers remember the Good-Old-Days when the Flag
really meant something. Today I wonder - how long it will stand?
I'm really worried that Congress & our Future President's - will
they dismantle much of what it means to be American's?
How did all this come to fruition? Do we still pump our own oil?
Or do we buy it all now? Was it because of fracking which was
possibly allowing sub-surface plate movements? Were they afraid
that it may - or could trigger - earthquakes or volcano eruptions?
Gas went up 70c a gallon last week. $20 gets you about a quarter
tank of gas. I recall in early 60's I went to a Ryan Gas
Station and it was 19c a gallon - can you believe that!
Enough BS until the next post or whenever! Venting help's
to bring the issues forward - rather than just to accept the reality
of all our issue's today!

O Almighty Lord God, who neither slumberest nor sleepest; Protect and assist, we beseech thee, all those who at home or abroad, by land, by sea, or in the air, are serving this country, that they, being armed with thy defence, may be preserved evermore in all perils; and being filled with wisdom and girded with strength, may do their duty to thy honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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