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Old 01-19-2015, 04:03 AM
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Default January 19, 2015; MLK day

When I first came to Georgia for Basic Training at Ft. Benning it was 1965. There was a Georgian that you heard about almost every night on the evening news who was the Pastor of the Ebenezer Baptist Church in down town Atlanta. His name was Martin Luther King Jr. and he "had a dream."
Atlanta in 1965 was slum almost everywhere but today it is a beautiful city. You see construction equipment in almost every corner of the city where people are building. It took hard work to make Atlanta what it is today.
MLK will always be celebrated in America for what he believed and what he did and one of his dreams was that you got an equal pay check for the guy who did the same work that you did, BUT (there's that nasty word again) if you did not work, you did not get paid. On the evening news you never heard the word "liberal" and MLK's name in the same sentence. Martin Luther King worked diligently every day of his life for what he believed.
Imagine this, the alarm clock wakes you up, you get out of bed and go have breakfast. You put on "work clothes and head out to the job to "earn" what you work for. It's TGIF and you get your pay check for what you did last week and take the check to the store and buy what you need. If you don't get out of bed you don't get a paycheck and you don't go to the store.
Martin Luther King never once said that you could sleep all day and expect someone else to work to put the food on your table, clothes on your back and a roof over your head. Martin Luther King knew that it took work to earn a pay check and that if you were qualified to do the job then you could get the job as long as the employer was hiring. It's up to the employer who interviews and checks credentials that hires the new employee. More than likely it's the one that has the best attendance and work record that gets the job. Not the person who has no record at all, unless the job requires little skill and you might be hired at the lowest wage that the employer pays.
Even then if you don't work, you do not get paid and put back on the streets earning $0.00.
You can be sure that your employer is watching you to see if you deserve to EARN a higher wage and can be depended on even more. Are you an asset or are you a liability?
A higher wage normally means more responsibility. It takes WORK to be equal and it takes work to earn a living in America.

has to be WORKED for.
I heard it on the News
With LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all
thanks to the brave who serve their Country
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