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Old 05-22-2022, 04:17 AM
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Question Vladimir Putin 'will be sent to sanatorium to avoid coup', claims ex-MI6 chief

Vladimir Putin 'will be sent to sanatorium to avoid coup', claims ex-MI6 chief
By: Sam Elliott-Gibbs - Reporter for the Mirror News 05-22-22

After fresh claims Russian President Vladimir Putin requires around-the-clock medial care, Sir Richard Dearlove says the sick dictator is likely to be sent to a sanatorium by next year.

It's simply a matter of time before Vladimir Putin is gone with plans underway to send him to a sanatorium, a top former MI6 chief predicts.

The warmonger could be placed in an establishment for the medical treatment of people with chronic illness by next year, Sir Richard Dearlove claims.

There has been a string of claims about the health of the leader, with some reports suggesting he is suffering from cancer, undergoing chemotherapy and steroid treatment among other ailments.

Other reports claim Putin is suffering from Parkinson's or early-stage dementia.

Speaking on the One Decision podcast, Britain's Secret Intelligence Service's former boss says Putin would soon exit office to receive medical treatment.

"I think he'll be gone by 2023 - but probably into the sanatorium, from which he will not emerge as the leader of Russia," he said on the show.

"I'm not saying he won't emerge from the sanatorium, but he won't emerge as the leader of Russia any longer.

"That's a way to sort of move things on without a coup."

Putin's health has been failing for more than five years, a new investigation into the deteriorating dictator's condition has claimed.

The Russian president has vanished from public eye for weeks on end since 2017, it has been suggested.

Independent Russian media outlet Proekt carried out the study and scrutinised his absences as well as visits by specialist medics.

Hush-hush doctor visits in the past five years prove his health has been getting worse for some time, reports.

It comes as former spy Christopher Steele, who ran the Russia desk at MI6 in London, says Putin is seriously ill and is now in need of around-the-clock medical care.

He believes the mysterious illness that has plagued the president, 69, has left the Kremlin reeling as they balance dealing with Putin's health and the war in Ukraine.

"He's constantly accompanied around the place by a team of doctors," he told LBC's Eddie Mair last week.

"Meetings of the security council that are shown to supposedly last for a whole hour are actually broken up into several sections, he goes out and receives some kind of medical treatment between those sections.

"So, clearly, he is seriously ill - how terminal or incurable it is is not clear, we can't be entirely sure.

"But it's certainly having a very serious impact on the governance of Russia at the moment."
[Someone commented: We pray to God, we bless God for any help us to put this Russian animal down as soon as possible!]
[Another said: [He is a small creature but within 20 years he established super dangerous empire with unpredictable cronies
around his regime who can destroy this planet once fueled with Smirnoff Vodka!]
[Still another stated: The reality is that the entire Russian Parliament Duma voted for the war in order for Donetsk and Lugansk
to be Russian instead of Ukrainian territory. 2 days after the Duma voted for it, Putin signed it into Russian law. So, it's not the
case that Putin is a lone, mad, warmonger who planned the war against what Russian parliamentarians wanted. Russia, 8 years
ago, agreed to the Minsk peace agreement which should have enabled Donetsk and Lugansk to live under devolution within
Ukraine, but it was never implemented in practice - only signed up to in theory. So Russia now believes that Donetsk and
Lugansk have now become part of Russia.]
Personal note: As for me - He's only one man and yet he controls with such authority that it's amazing that the damage
he/she has done while in his/her time in office. But every country has a leader at one time or another - that just doesn't
feel right - and yet we learn to live with - his or her guidence - until they are replaced by another. And then we all know
the future is never straight forward - and that human errors or habits tend to sway the mulitude - for either good or bad.
So I guess we are all only humans. As Forest Gump once said you Never Know What's in a Box of Chocolates (the same applies for leadship).

O Almighty Lord God, who neither slumberest nor sleepest; Protect and assist, we beseech thee, all those who at home or abroad, by land, by sea, or in the air, are serving this country, that they, being armed with thy defence, may be preserved evermore in all perils; and being filled with wisdom and girded with strength, may do their duty to thy honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

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