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Default DAV, VA, VVA, SSA, Agent Orange, Diabetes, Cancer, PTSD, Pay and Family....

Below list of "online info-sources" updated by last list-date "January 6, 2008".

Please Do Read This!:
Note that some links looks as being 2 seperate URLs written together in the same line, without space between the 2 URLs. This, as they contain 2 "http://"-parts in the same line. Observe that they are however, Not 2 seperate links! It Is 1 single link! It is initially a link that has turned in to a so called "broken link", most often due to the website having been closed, and thereby becoming unaccessable by its own URL. To counter this unfortunate fact, I have used the service provided by: By doing this, the earlier unaccessable website is still yet accessable for us, despite the website having for example been closed. Thus however, the somewhat odd looking URL.

__________________________________________________ _____________

DAV, VA, VVA, SSA, Agent Orange, Diabetes, Cancer, PTSD,
Pay and Family, Depleted Uranium and Gulf War Illness

Directories by and apons/Agent_Orange/

Health related subjects for Veterans, (all wars) by Wikipedia. (Subject as end of URL reads):
Category:Herbicides Category:HerbicidesCategory:Defoliants Category:DefoliantsAgent_Orange Agent_OrangeCategory:Neurology Category:NeurologyCategory:Neurological_disorders Category:Neurological_disordersNeuropathy NeuropathyCategory:Neurochemistry Category:NeurochemistryCategory:Neurotoxins Category:Neurotoxins
Combat_stress_reaction Combat_stress_reactionCategory:Hepatitis Category:HepatitisHepatitis HepatitisCategory:Diabetes Category:DiabetesDiabetes DiabetesAmerican_Diabetes_Association American_Diabetes_AssociationCategory:Gulf_War_syndrome Category:Gulf_War_syndromeGulf_War_syndrome Gulf_War_syndromeGulf_war_illness Gulf_war_illnessNuclear_medicine Nuclear_medicineDepleted_uranium Depleted_uraniumGulf_War_oil_spill Gulf_War_oil_spill
US Department of Defense Military Health System "Tricare" -main + sitemap:


Veterans Administration -main + sitemap + facility locator x2 + forms + enviro agents + Agent Orange:

Veterans Administration -Hepatitis main + sitemap:

Veterans Administration "Veterans Benefits Adm". -index + regional office + herbrecide:


Veterans Advisory Board -main + links + "Who To Write To":

Vietnam Veterans of America. -main + sitemap + VVA-guide mainpage new + VVA-guide mainpage old + news + servicereps:

Social Security Online -main + disability info + forms:

USVI -agent orange, gulf war, ptsd,....(Extremely Extensive site!):

The Veterans Consortium Pro Bono Program "Veteran claims":

Veterans Benefits Network forum:

World Assn of Persons with Disabilities (With own forum, via menu):

NoGhostAllowed -links to Support and Assistance For Veterans:

Cyber Sarge's -Sitemap + Agent Orange x 7:

Cyber Sarge's -Agent Orange use Outside Of Viet Nam!:

Cyber Sarge's -Agent White and other defoliants:

Cyber Sarge's -Diabetes:

Viet Nam Research "Agent Orange Info" -main + page 2 + page 3:

GMASW "Herbicides" -main index + Agent Orange Dioxine info index + use in RVN by listed specific locations within each
"Corps-area" x2 (html + pdf) + list chemicals used in RVN + use outside RVN + contaminated US bases + AO terminology: -main + library:

National Library of Medicine -main + search/gatwaypage:

Medline (By and cooperation) -main + sitemap:

National Cancer Institute -main + sitemap:

American Diabetes Assn -main + sitemap:

CDC -diabetes

VHV Veterans Helping Veterans -Hepatitis B and C:

National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke:

Neurologychannel -main + sitemap:

The Neuropathy assn -main + sitemap:

Neuropathic Pain Special Interrest Group (International):

PTSD VA National Center for PTSD -main + sitemap + links/webresources:

PTSD Military Veterans PTSD Reference Manual (Note: Not an "official gov"-site!)
-main + letters, forms, notices and statements (quick ref.) + blank forms for printout:


SouthJersey -Veterans Claims Resources info, links to info about Agent Orange, Diabetes, Hepatitis C,...:

Selective Service System -main + sitemap + example from/of factsheet:

Militarypay -Main + sitemap + US Mil:

Military Spouces and Family:

VNIS Veterans News and Information Service:


NAP "Gulf War and Health" -various searchresultpages for similar search by term in NAP-site:

NAP "Gulf War and Health" -Health Consequences of Service During the Persian Gulf War:
Initial Findings and Recommendations for Immediate Action (1995) +
Recommendations for Research and Information Systems (1996) (Note Esp. "TOC" on pages!):

NAP "Gulf War and Health" -Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, Diagnosis and Assessment (2006) (Note Esp. "TOC" on page!):

NAP "Gulf War and Health" -Volume 1. Depleted Uranium, Pyridostigmine Bromide, Sarin, and Vaccines (2000) (Note Esp. "TOC" on page!):
(Note by A.B: In above, the chapters "Illnesses in Gulf War Veterans" and "Depleted Uranium" are Of Esp. High Interrest! End note by A.B)

NAP "Gulf War and Health" -Volume 2. Insecticides and Solvents (2003) (Note Esp. "TOC" on page!):

NAP "Gulf War and Health" -Volume 3. Fuels, Combustion Products, and Propellants (2005) (Note Esp. "TOC" on page!):

NAP "Gulf War and Health" -Volume 4. Health Effects of Serving in the Gulf War (2006) (Note Esp. "TOC" on page!):

NAP "Gulf War and Health" -Volume 5. Infectious Diseases (2007) (Note Esp. "TOC" on page!):

NAP "Gulf War and Health" -Volume 6. Physiologic, Psychologic, and Psychosocial
Effects of Deployment-Related Stress (2007) (Note Esp. "TOC" on page!):

NBC-links (Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare):

Lovelace Respiratory Research Institute -radiation glossary + Depleted Uranium study (2003):

Depleted Uranium -interview with German prof. Siegwart-Horst Gunther:

Depleted Uranium by DoD US Department Of Defense Deployementlink
-DU lib main + sitemap + links + DU in the Gulf (Env. Exp. Rep.) 4xnew + 4xold URLs:

Depleted Uranium by NATO official website (Incl. maps x2 ((Very Large!)) of use in former Yugoslavia):

GW PBS -gulf war + chronology + illness/syndrome main + analysis:

GW Gulflink -main + gen. Vet-links + GW Vet-links:

GW Gulfweb -main + locator + lib. (doc's of for ex. Gulf War Illnes, advocacy,....) + DU info page. (with own forum):

GW American Gulf War Veterans Assn (Extensive! Also with own forum):

GW Desert Storm -main + links + Order of Battle + files + KIA, MIA + own forum. (Extensive site!):

GW National Gulf War Resource Center (with own Forum and internal searchfunction):

__________________________________________________ _____________

T G C!


Last edited by A.B; 01-12-2008 at 06:24 PM. Reason: Updating list of online info-sources.
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Old 01-12-2008, 06:29 PM
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To all on "Patriotfiles"!

At times I plan on updating the above posted listing of online info-sources regarding the subject. This, rather than re-posting a new post with a updated listing. Will instead "edit"/update existing post instead, in order to save server-space for this forum on its server. Even though the post itself does not take up much space in the server, I yet whish to do as this, as the saying is "many small streams eventually becomes a large river"...

So to know wether the above listing have been updated futurewise once more, just check the date posted at top of post, as I will there put the "newest" update's date.

T G C!

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