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Old 10-13-2012, 07:00 AM
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Angry Common sense, America

1918, America joins with the French against the Germans at the Somme River. America fights to win against the Germans and over 50,000 die. Somme is followed by Verdone with America again on the offense and the Treaty of Versilles is signed in June, 1919, ending the First World War. America offense, win.

The Germans sign that treaty only to have Adolf Hitler rise to power in Germany shortly after the treaty is signed. Another nation, Japan attacks America at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941 and America is once again at war but !!! In 1945, after fighting the two aggressive Nations, Germany and Japan. Both of those nations were first on the offensive until America went on the offensive against them. We attack the Germans on the shores of France on D-Day and beat them all the way back to Berlin and Hitler takes himself out. Game over, America wins.

In Japan there's Hiroshima and Nagasaki. America, offense. Japan puts its hands up and gives up.

In 1953 an aggresive North Korea, aka China fought America but America was on the defensive side of the field and America gives half of that nation to the communist of China. We "GAVE" up.

In 1966 I had the honor of going to the Democratic nation of South Korea but was assigned to the "United Nations Forces" while wearing olive drab of the US Army. The people of Seoul made it perfectly clear that they were aware of Communist North Korea and the threat that that nation imposed on their nation. A nation that both America and the UN "gave" to the communist of China. The defense lost the game.

In 1967, still wearing olive drab I was sent to the Democratic Republic of South Vietnam but once again to defend that nation and once again the defense lost. After being shot at for most of an evening I was asked by the Sergeant of the guard, "is he enemy?" He wasn't trying to cross over the fence and I was "defending" that fence and everything within it. I lost.

September, 1918: Battle of the Vardun, World War I: America Offense / win

D-Day, Europe World War II: America Offense / win
Heroshima, Japan World War II: America Offense / win

Korea: America, Defense / loose

Vietnam: America, Defense / loose

Coming soon:
Iraq; Defense and tell them when America will withdraw
Afghanistan; Defense and tell them when we'll leave

Simple game logic; It's the "Offense" that scores the points and when is America going to figure that out? When a nation ask America to "defend" them, America should answer "NO." When we're asked to spill American blood we should fight to win. The proof is etched in stone on a Wall in Arlington while black plastic body bags still come back from our offenders.

Don't fight 'em. Beat 'em.
With LIBERTY and JUSTICE for all
thanks to the brave who serve their Country
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Old 10-14-2012, 08:38 AM
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Good examples of when and how to PROPERLY use The United States Military (or not), Stick.

Basically, if mission is to Totally Defeat & achieve Total Victory over an enemy as was for WWII,...just UNRESTRICTEDLY or: "All is fair in Love & War" (just as America's enemies ALWAYS fight) order in the military since what they are perpetually trained to do.

America's ALWAYS unilateral or one-sided: "Rules of Engagement" are actually quite stupid and self-defeating, best.

That edge given enemies place: "America's Finest" at more risk than should ever need be.

Regardless, if stupidly intending to negotiate with enemies to end any deadly political conflicts, nation buildings, societal engineerings or even humanitarian aids,...send in a contingent of U.S. Political Leaders, some of their czars, Red Cross & Care people, food & plenty of medical supplies INSTEAD.

Naturally a well armed small detail or platoon of U.S. Marines should also be sent along to protect our political leaders, their hacks, charity personnel and supplies in such usually hostile territories,...just as Marines used to be charged doing for America's Embassies in unfriendly nations before.

Apparently now both U.S. Ambassadors & Citizens abroad must fend for themselves.

What A National Shame! While BILLION$ in Foreign Aid are daily wasted, both Leadership & Department of State ineptly can't (?) or simply refuse to (?) protect U.S. Citizens abroad.

We live in pathetically-strange times, folks. Sad but true.

My Salute & "GarryOwen" to all TRUE Patriots.
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