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Default Do NOT burn Kerosene

According to a post on Back up <--- link There were 4 million gallons of kerosene brought into the first Gulf war. When burned, already being refined, it must become a strong version of glycol ether chemicals; and the cause of harm to some soldiers who were burning it ... even for those who passed nearby.
C6H14O2(2-butoxyethanol) Per MSDS, EGBE causes AIHA
Example of second hand solvent exposure - this soldier: U.S. Army Captain Charles Hamden. A letter (dated 25 May 1994) cosigned by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General John Shalikashvili, and Secretary of Defense William J. Perry stating, ‘There is no information, classified or unclassified, that indicates that chemical or biological weapons were used in the Persian Gulf.
Burning with kerosene LINK Photo
A soldier would stir and waste would burn down
Chad Pagel is from Cloverdale, IN. He gave me this photo in @ 2003. He also shared about a time his group was securing an airport & their bowels went liquid (another glycol ether exposure of some type) more
Chad of Indiana (upper right photo) shared that he had a job of burning human waste, etc with kerosene.
He has 'the syndrome '
A man who worked for a contractor in Iraq more recently went out jogging past the burn pits 2004, and had sudden blood in urine, hemoglobin dropped from 13 down to 4; hematocrit went from 40 to 11
Man in Iraq with sudden, acute AIHA * LINK after jogging past the burn pits
Turned yellow

Burning of KEROSENE can cause similar harm as glycol ether exposure!
Kerosene molecular formula C12H26

No O2 ... BUT there is plenty of air when burned

No oxygen, but when it's burned, there is lots of O2 to add in
Quote: "That is just one of a whole lot of hydrocarbons in kerosene (and even at that, it is incorrect because, in chemistry, capital letters do matter). Kerosene is not a compound but a mixture of many hydrocarbons as well as smaller quantities of other chemicals and so does not have a chemical formula."
Look into BUTYL for CFIDS, CFS, FM & 'Military Syndromes' *

An e-mail request to the CDC

on Flu Symptoms

Traces of blood in urine? *

Diarrhea then Constipation?

Seizures Fainting Dizziness *

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